Holy Chemically Based Undecaying Mock Foodstuff, Batman!

Penguin: “I’ll ruin this town! Gotham City will be Twinkieless! I have hoarded all the Twinkies by hypnotizing the Twinkies delivery men.”

Commissioner Gordon: “Batman, this is terrible. All the Hostess Twinkies have disappeared from Gotham City. We need your help desperately.”

Batman: “Emergency, Robin! Get to the Batmobile!”

Robin: “My seat belt’s as good as fastened.”

Meanwhile, in Norfolk…

Hostess To Close, Leave World Unprotected From Hungry Supervillains [Comics Alliance]

FYI, in Canada City Twinkies are still available. Different baker.

@ManchuCandidate: about this Twinky news: I scarcely know whether to congratulate the residents of Canada City or condole with them.

More as a public service announcement than bragging.

Not a Twinkies fan.

You can have the Twinkies. I will miss the cherry sweet rolls.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Do you mean the ones that came in an aluminum tray? My Grandmother always had those at her house. Also came in pineapple.I have been thinking about them for along time.
I will miss the fruit pie. Road trip food.

Bummer. I always preferred Little Debbie to Hostess, but still.

I kinda freaked when Mother’s cookies went under, but a few years later you can still get them. Trust me, somebody will buy the Twinkie brand.

I always thought Dolly Madison was exotic, because it was advertised on Peanuts specials, and not available in Oregon.

Used to have a Hostess Lemon Pie before every sailboat race I was in – we raced these things out of Annapolis. The superstition didn’t help as we usually wound up in the last 1/3 of a 25 or 30 boat fleet.

@Dodgerblue: It is fun, and it measures absolute skill because the boats are identical, except for how you trim the sails.

@blogenfreude: I took sailing lessons when I was around 12 from a young woman who was probably a frosh or soph in college. I was totally in love and would have jumped into a shark’s mouth if she had asked me.

The highlight of my kids’ Halloween trick-or-treating this year was that one of the kids got a chocolate Twinkie.

Either someone was determined to be different from the run-of-the-mill candy bar donors, or they had completely forgotten about Halloween and were stripping the cabinets bare of all sweets.

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