One of Them Provides Health Care

Poker addict William Bennett: “How else can we explain that more young people now favor socialism to capitalism?” [CNN]


Ah, so he’s going to fund more education? Finally a Republican position I can get behind (so to speak). Or is this double-speak for de-funding education, then forcing everyone to home-school their children while spanking it to Ayn Rand?

Shorter Bill Bennett: “People are finally figuring out that the only thing ‘trickling down’ from my party’s policies is the piss of the 1% hitting them in their faces. CLEARLY the fact that people decided to vote against getting pissed on is evidence of a vast liberal conspiracy!”

Seriously – if the GOP would like to stop being “viewed as the enemy”, maybe they could start by not being evil dickweeds all the time.

BREAKING: Haley Barbour suggests that what the GOP needs is a Mississippi Mudpie. Countless Congresscritters (R) line up with lube & latex at the ready.

The Big Brains in the GOP keep talking about how Mitt got “defined” as a heartless corporate raider, etc., etc., and failed to respond to ads depicting him as such. Well, it’s pretty hard to efface the truth. Attempts to do so are like tying ribbons on a turd. People are not fooled.

@lynnlightfoot: I still say that picture of him with the money should have ended his campaign before it began.

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