It Means You Suck

Welcome to NRO’s Bitterfest 2012! “The Left is winning, in more than the electoral sense. The Left is winning culturally — psychologically, spiritually, if you will. They control education, the entertainment industry… need I give the whole list? We are talking about some deep matters here, not about simple electioneering. I trust you know what I mean.” [NRO]


This shit’s coming in a lot faster today than yesterday. Must have taken awhile to recover from the shock.

No, it’s because the times are changing and you’re clinging bitterly to your guns, butter, beer and bibles.

As the awesome Mallory Sterling (from Archer) would say: READ A BOOK*

*nothing from Regency or by Rand or any other RW dingbat authors.

@ManchuCandidate: The Day The Movement Died.

But probably not. Have to get my schadenfreude in now before they sober up.

The movement won’t die. But now there is going to be an internal GOPer fight between the “Born Again Realists” and the “Born Agains.”

That is going to be fun.

It’s the Jews! Hahahaha, we run everything!

Yeah, take a lesson from the Hebrews, losers! Go pull a fucking Massadah if you’re so fucking heartbroken, assholes!

@Dodgerblue: thank goodness! Have you ever seen a Methodist potluck? Six pot roasts and a red velvet cake. No forks.

@nojo: Schadenfreude on this, baby:
Romney’s impressive win will shock the media establishment / Tuesday, November 6, 2012 – by Rich Like Me

@texrednface: His follow-up post is “Republicans eat generous portions of crow”, although he somehow manages not to reference himself.

NRO should just come right out and fess up, like Milton Friedman’s grandson did: Patri Friedman: “Democracy is not the answer”.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: You forgot the quivering lime jello interrupted by fruit cocktail (or if there are sophisticates in the congregation, cottage cheese and canned pineapple bits).

What an extraordinary outpouring of… tosh – as we say in the old country. Silliness beyond belief. I’ve been reading the comments for hours and, along with the articles themselves, suspect that no one has learned anything. The same total disconnect with reality that predicted a Romney landslide obtains about everything else.

I thought that the Democrats had a very good night on Tuesday. I didn’t realize it was the end of the world.

@Dodgerblue: Right. Hollywood=Jews. Some things never change. And then they’re indignant when we think of them as ignorant pischers.

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