Caveat Emptor, Billionaires

Wingnut underwriter Foster Friess wonders where his money went: “You have no idea of the financial structuring of a lot of these outside groups in terms of how much went to the actual delivery of a message, versus how many dollars were taken off as fees to the people running them.” [LAT, via TPM]


Whose leg do I have to hump to buy an election around here?

Is he that stupid? Likely one third.

Asshole Rove and his crime syndicate take 10 percent right off of the top.

Then they hire contractors who are forced to kick back a pile of the loot they’re paid to offshore consulting agencies – fronts controlled by Rove.

Stupid fucks, they actually think Rove gives a shit who fucking wins? He always has the same story to sell: the stalinist left is ready to destroy America. And some set of billionaire assholes will buy it.

@FlyingChainSaw: It gets better.

Couple of months back, folks started pointing out that candidates get much better deals on TV ads than third parties — partly by law, but also by reserving in advance. Those last-minute “issue” ads cost a bundle to place.

And then there’s the overhead. These joints, like ad companies, tack a percentage onto the placement costs (or, yes, route them through related businesses). When everyone started wondering why there were ads suddenly being placed in Buttfuck, Idaho, it was pointed out you don’t get the additional fees if you don’t spend the money, so there was no Super Secret Plot — just a strategic investment in the mortgage on the new yacht.

Lenin was wrong. It was consultants who will sell capitalists the rope to hang themselves with.

Did you guys catch this one?

Romney cancels staff credit cards and cell phones the night of the election, leaving a bunch of them stuck with bills for taxis and the like.

Remember “make her spend it all”? Should do the same with Adelson and the other asshole billionaires.

@lynnlightfoot: Guess it’s God’s will that you don’t have that asshat Murdock as your Senator, amirite?

@IanJ: To paraphrase Dennis Green, Mitt and his cronies are who we thought they were.

@SanFranLefty: Are you ever right! God’s will at work in the world! I woke early enough this morning to have already read our local morning paper. It was refreshing to find zero letters to the editor from the Teabaggers and FoxNewsIdiots. Must be too busy licking their wounds. I’m sure they’ll soon be back targeting liberals who dare to write in. There was a wonderful letter from one Jay Showalter of Bloomington congratulating Donnelly, thanking Hoosier voters for “rejecting extremism and arrogance in our politics,” and closing with the following sentences: “Finally, to Richard Mourdock. I know that you are struggling with this loss. You should look at it this way, it’s DEFINITELY something that God intended to happen.”

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