And At That Exact Moment, Mudd’s Robot Started Spewing Smoke From Its Ears


Why do people pay attention to this putz?

TJ – Ladybits: I just got into it on FB with an acquaintance who complained about being sick of the “War on Women,” and used a CNN article about the Taliban throwing acid in a woman’s face, and how they deny women the ability to get an education, as “perspective” on why the War on Women phraseology was so offensive to him.


I think I won’t be enfriended with him for long. The article in question.

@IanJ: him

I think you can stop right there.

This morning global warming was up my ass.

Re today’s tweet: Mr Cyn has purple fingers–indeed, purple hands–fron harvesting grapes. Local restaurant gives a 20% discount to anyone who comes in with “harvest hands.”

Oh, Peggy Noonan:

There is no denying the Republicans have the passion now, the enthusiasm. The Democrats do not. Independents are breaking for Romney. And there’s the thing about the yard signs. In Florida a few weeks ago I saw Romney signs, not Obama ones. From Ohio I hear the same. From tony Northwest Washington, D.C., I hear the same.

She’s talking about Ward 3, where McCain received a whopping 15.58% of the vote, and only cleared 25% in two out of seventeen precincts. Unless wealthy Obama voters here simply think yard signs are déclassé, she (or, rather, the person she “heard” this from) is fucking full of it.

@Benedick: 89 degrees in Santa Monica today and the highway to Vegas is closed due to a brush fire.

@nojo: The “unfriend” link fell to my clicking mouse moments later. He sent me a butthurt message moments afterwards, calling it a low move to sever the relationship. I replied as kindly as I could (which included the words “repellent” and “short-sighted” and “privileged,” so it wasn’t terribly kind) that we have a relationship outside FB that’s distant, and maybe we should keep it at that. He’s not someone I expected this from (being an apparently liberal theater type), but another friend pointed out that he’s posted a lot of stuff that’s got this weird, smug tone to it, some of which has been trending misogynistic and “Men have it worse because women are so pandered to by society.” Realized I don’t need that shit in my light and fluffy social media landscape.

@Mistress Cynica: Like Jazz Hands, but fruitier!

(Yes. I Went There. Because I Am Shameless.)

Hey, everybody! Defined swiping regions that make a hidden thumbnail menu slide up or down!

Why, yes, I’m iPad Geeking again! Thanks for asking!

@mellbell: I’ve wondered about this. On my morning runs in Arlington, I see equal numbers, but sparsely placed. At home, there are far more for RMoney, with just ours and a small handful of others for Barry. Central P’tucky is heavily R, so that hasn’t changed much from four year ago – as I explained to the little biscuits, I think most people just choose not to broadcast their allegiance.

@nojo: When do we get control via brain waves?

@Dodgerblue: A thoroughly intuitive user interface is the next best thing. Not that I have one, but it’s the Holy Grail of Design.

@Beggars Biscuit: Surprisingly, in this little corner of AZ I’ve seen several Obama signs but only one Rmoney. It’s the south end of Scottsdale, and I’m told that explains it.

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