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Title: “Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities”

Author: Richela Fabian Morgan

Rank: 88

Blurb: “For many years a useful item in every household toolbox, duct tape has now taken on a second life as a medium for hobbyists of all ages. This fun-filled book offers dozens of creative ideas and easy-to-follow instructions for making everything from wallets and coin purses to novelty neckties and household decorations out of duct tape.”

Review: “Duct tape no longer comes in that simple gray any more, but is now coming on the market in numerous, vibrant colors and designs.”

Customers Also Bought: “Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape, Zig-Zag Zebra”, “Duck Brand Duct Tape — Peace Sign”, “Candy Dot Duck Brand Duct Tape”, “Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape, Spotted Leopard”, “Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape, Skulls”, “Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape, Cosmic Tie-Dye”, “Duck Brand X-Factor Neon Colored Duct Tape, Funky Flamingo”, “Butterfly Duck Brand Duct Tape”, “Intertape Polymer Group Fire Fly Glow in the Dark Duct Tape”, “Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape, Hot Rod Flames”, “Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape, Red Dragon”, “Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape, Checker”, “Blue Surf Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape”, “3M Scotch Duct Tape, Love Note”, “Pink Argyleprint”, “Mustache Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape”, “3M Scotch Duct Tape, Pink Paisley”, “Graffitiprint”, “Scotch Brand Paul Frank Monkey Duct Tape”, “SpongeBob Licensed Print”, “Duck Brand Purple Spiders Printed Duct Tape”, “Duck Tape Reindeer Games”, “Baconprint”, “Blue Denimprint”, “Platypus Designer Duct Tape Polka Dot”, “Zig-Zag Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape”, “Duck Brand Candy Corn Printed Duct Tape”, “Duck Brand Super Mario Duct Tape”, “Duck Brand Printed Duck Duct Tape Patterns (Candy Cane)”, “Intertape Polymer Group Halloween Pumpkins and Cats Duct Tape”, “Plaid Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape”, “Duck Brand Hello Kitty Duct Tape”, “Snowflake Designer Duct Tape”, “Duck Brand Printed Duct Tape, Digital Camouflage”, “3M Scotch Duct Tape, Retro Tiles”, “Intertape Polymer Group Halloween Spiders and Webs Duct Tape”, “Platypus Designer Duct Tape, Pool Chevron”, “Duck Brand Colored Duct Tape, Green Clover”, and “Project Runway Tapeffiti Fashion Design Challenge”.

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Duct tape no longer comes in that simple gray any more, but is now coming on the market in numerous, vibrant colors and designs.”

Oh, goodie! Now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been repealed, this will come as a relief to gay special forces soldiers, who will now have their choice of colors and patterns for the duct tape they place over the mouths of suspects they kidnap in foreign countries and hand over to friendly nations were coercive interrogation techniques are the norm.

Wait. Walter Mondale is still alive? What about Abe Vigoda?

If I ever meet Gillian Anderson (Agent Scully) I’m going to ask her how many miles of duct tape she reckons have been ripped off her mouth.

Speaking of the electioneering newz.

In Canada City, the MSM (centrist papers) here sez Romboto has a lead but it seems to be based on Razmessing information. My friend was concerned, but I kept telling him to read 538 and about that state polling is more critical.

Seems that things changed after the last debate and when you lead by a significant (relatively speaking) margin in several key states and lead in an overall total of total 19 of the 20 polls among battleground states then it seems Barry has added a bit of breathing room.

Of course, that 16% is probably the voter suppression/voting machine number flipping taking into consideration.

@ManchuCandidate: State polling is the only polling that counts.

So, Obama is leading 281-206 in (state) electoral votes — including Rasmussen. He’s always been leading, and only briefly in June did his lead drop below 270 votes.

This includes “statistical ties”, although when you average them all over time, the numbers are consistent. If, for the sake of discussion, you exclude the ties, Obama is still leading 237-191.

Looking at it that way, Obama needs 33 additional electoral votes to win. Romney needs 79. Give Mitt Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, and he’s still 22 votes short — and Ohio’s only 18. But if Obama takes Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa — all likely at this point — we’re done.

The only wildcard — as it has been all year — is voter suppression. Given a fair vote (especially the Obama campaign’s get-out-the-vote machine), Mitt’s toast.

One more take: Back when I was playing the numbers in September, Florida was leaning blue — and without Florida, Mitt can kiss the election goodbye.

Florida started leaning red after the first debate, and today it’s a straight tie. Obama can afford to lose Florida, but if he wins it, you may start getting shitfaced drunk.

It’s still good to think that things are too close to call. Adds the urgency for GOTV.

From what I read, the Romney organization has been disjointed and weak on the ground in comparison to Obama’s team which had been ready since March.

In other news, guess who’s been prepping for a colonoscopy?

@Benedick: mmm, all those flavors of Gatorade to choose from, you almost want to get one once a month! Not to mention the Jell-o and chicken broth.


“Good” is not the word that I’d use. Given that only about 10% (at best) of the country stands to benefit from a Mittens administration, that puts roughly 40% into the “too stoopid / too racist / too hypnotized by Jeebus” camp.

That’s an awful goddamn lot of people that are still going to be voting in the NEXT election, for a party that’s certain to double-down on it’s “DESTROY ALL THE GUBMINT” nonsense if they don’t win this time around.

Democracy is always going to be a struggle, but does it have to be a referendum on “should civil society exist in any way whatsoever” absolutely all the time? Haven’t we *solved* some of these issues?

@al2o3cr: Nope. Even worse, we’re voting on Civil Rights.

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