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“Investigators today arrested a Southern Nevada woman suspected of trying to vote twice this week at two different polling locations. [Registered Republican] Roxanne Rubin was taken into custody as she arrived for work at the Riviera hotel-casino, investigators said.” [BradBlog]


And this video has been all over the place, but I am so sick of Teabaggers I don’t want to post it … you have been warned.

@blogenfreude: Maybe it’s the wine talking, but that is hilarious. Especially the part about Buddhists.

I’m sick and tired of being inundated with appeals/threats for money to feed the starving Dems they can all go fuck themselves. Or get a job. Night shift on the production line of the Chevy Volt. Far away from boîts serving $350 bottles of Pinot Noir. In all its fruity complexity. With hints of charcoal. And raspberry. And diaper rash. And chocolate.

The political industrial complex will kill us all.

Is that a face made to piss on or what?

@Benedick: That face looks like the shapeshifter that was Deep Space 9 … go ahead – look it up.

Just saw two back-to-back ads for the Virginia Senate race, one for Allen and one for Kaine, which used the same stock video of a teacher writing on a chalkboard. Oy.

@blogenfreude: I’m banned from ‘commenting’ at Raw Story. I am so awesome. I could suck your brains right thru yur monitor. If you like had sum dude. Yuk yuk. I haz all yur bases dude. Woo hoo. (star trek theme plays as I eat Cheetos)

Deep Spac.. I’m tired. I need to go to bed. You slap him, I’ll piss on him. Pugs say hi.

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