The Most Trusted Name in Ovulation-Cycle Political Analysis

“While the campaigns eagerly pursue female voters, there’s something that may raise the chances for both presidential candidates that’s totally out of their control: women’s ovulation cycles.” [CNN]


Looks like even CNN realized they’re FOS.

Angel Pagan. What a marvelous name.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: that’s my response to 99% of what I hear on the news.

“CNN editorial standards”– hahahahahahahaha!!!!

It’s only fair to wonder why McCainiac picked Palin in 08. It can’t be because RWers not deep in the closer want to spank it to a GILF for VP. Nothing to explain why the Nalin Palin porno was a, er, hot seller.

Maybe it’s because half term gubbiner is so smart?

@mellbell: if that’s a woman I’d almost have to hit it because of that name …

What happens if you’re on the pill, post-menopausal or don’t ovulate for whatever reason?

Do we go by the phase of the moon?

@mellbell: @ManchuCandidate: Don’t forget the other hawt Gigante player name – Scutaro.

Scoot was the man in Toronto. Didn’t become a full time player till the Jays made him their short stop.

@ManchuCandidate: Pablo et. al. are helping Scutaro get his groove on. I just don’t want the guys in orange to shoot their wad tonight.

@SanFranLefty: Enjoy. Your guys beat the crap out of the best pitcher in baseball.

The Management apologizes for the menopause-relief ads, although The Management wonders why the advertiser would buy “ovulation” as a keyword.

@nojo: If its makes you feel any better, I now have an ad for banking cord blood.

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