Beware Gods Bearing Gifts

“I’ve struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.” —Indiana GOP Senate nominee Richard Mourdock, making us devoutly wish that God intends something to happen to him. [TPM]


If the pregnancy and birth were God’s will, then likely the mother wouldn’t consider abortion in the first place, as horrible as that sounds.

However, I don’t think God meddles in the individual lives of people very often, and even a casual reading of the bible (or for that matter, the Torah or Koran) shows that God is pretty dead set against rape. Probably not a tool the Lord of Love would use at all, even if he were inclined to meddle.

All this is is sophistry. But you guys knew that already.

Sadly I fully expect this bizarro “logic” will delight the people here who already have Mourdock signs in their front yards. At least I will get to cast one vote for his opponent. I hope this comment turned enough stomachs to bring him down.
I’m very disappointed that Dick Lugar has only distanced himself from Mourdock, but has not called him out for being a raving lunatic. I guess you can’t risk the big retirement bucks by speaking your mind.

@Dave H: what you said.

I didn’t see this latest outrage from Mourdock until a few minutes ago, in the morning paper.

In the Zen literature (from Hakuin, 1683-1768) I find: “The two children of the tiny creatures in the eyebrows of a mosquito never stop quarreling between themselves as to whose this earth is.” Mourdock appears to be on an intellectual and spiritual par with those quarreling siblings.

Not off-topic is a wonderful quote I stumbled across yesterday, attributed to the pianist Arthur Rubenstein: “Do I believe in God? No, what I believe in is something much greater.”

How the fuck is Mittens pulling even in so many states?

I need to calm the fuck down.

Calming breaths. Think of the pugs and kittehs and bunnehs.

@SanFranLefty: Country remains divided 47/47, and momentum takes the middle. Hopey slept through the first quarter of this game, thinks he can make up for it now with some ugly three pt. shots, and may end up on the lecture circuit before his 52nd birthday.

I’m trying to wrap my head around the eventuality of working for a bunch of Bush re-treads. Fortunately, nothing certain as far as the durability of my contract, so at least I’ll be able to speak my mind in public.

@Dave H: Started to add my two-cents, but became so stressed I just put on my camo, strapped on my 2nd amendment and went out looking to take it out on wildlife.

@SanFranLefty: Glad to be leaving the country at the end of week, though not looking forward to trying to explain the cray-cray to Europeans asking “WTF?”

Nate still give Obama a 68% chance of winning the electoral vote, but I’m starting to freak anyway.

@SanFranLefty: It’s a confluence of factors:

One is that 80% of the people haven’t recovered from the 2008 economic collapse, and most are far worse off than they were four years ago. One only has to look at the ongoing, apocalyptic state and federal budget deficits to confirm that is simply a fact. If households actually were “recovering,” then employment and tax revenues would be trending back towards the historical mean.

A second is that most people don’t have political knowledge or opinions, and if they do, they could only generously be described as shockingly ignorant, propagandized, self-contradictory, and incoherent. Exhibit A: The Tea Klux Klan, which has provided us with a MRI of the toxic stew between most people’s ears. They make no association between which party is in power and their policies, not that they could define or understand them anyway.

Lastly, the Demonrats’ own corruption and incompetence has made it nearly impossible for the average voter to tell them apart from the “opposition,” and the RepubliKKKans have totally succeeded in defining the terms of the phony “debates” that we’re allowed to have in public.

In summary, our nation’s fate will be decided by its dumbest citizens, who get to choose which member of the ruling, corporate supremacist E-leet gets to oppress us for another four years.

@SanFranLefty: Stay calm. Obama’s at 281including Rasmussen. (303 without.) He didn’t do himself any favors at the first debate, but Obama has never trailed.

Obama’s also leading early voting 2-1. Shit can still happen, but so far it hasn’t.

Comes to mind that being a Friend of Harry Nilsson is like living in a swing state: My TV vote actually counts.

The Not the MSNBC ad is now:

Richard Mourdock

Hoosier Values

If we happen to elect this guy to the US Senate please accept my apology for the hell on earth he may unleash in the next six years. What scares me is if he is willing to talk publicly the way he did last night, what are the ideas floating through his head that he won’t mention?

This attitude has been around for a long time among the Right-to-Lifers.

Romano Mazzoli, former Democratic Congressman from Louisville, KY, remarked back in the 70s that the birth of a defective child was God’s way of teaching us a new way of loving.

The Romney campaign has been stockpiling chocolate and midol for use as bribes just in case.

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