At least this one went into space:


I watched the first part of this, and instantly wondered: why is the government encouraging space shuttles to cross in heavily transited areas. I can think of much safer places, like school crossings.

“They can put a man on the moon, but it still takes them three days to get through LA traffic.”

It’s a 70s era plane that flew into orbit a bunch of times–and the design was featured in Moonraker(!).

While I don’t get the hysteria surrounding its arrival, this hawt guy’s O-face is simply epic. Dude sure nicely fills out a sport jacket.

@¡Andrew!: I was mesmerized by the LA Times’ photo gallery of Endeavor traveling through LA. Some awesomely bizarre shots.

ADD: Including the shuttle at Randy’s Donuts and from another angle.

Paging Benedick: While the tubez were twittering with the news the Salt Lake City Tribune endorsed Obama over Mormon Mittens the Savior of the SLC Olympics, The Onion endorsed Johnny Earle.

@SanFranLefty: That’s a fine looking man. Tender, strong, caring, looks good in a singlet, open to sharing a Holiday Inn suite with pool privileges and late night wrestling whose boxers smell of starch, precum, and desire. He is the people’s choice. One jockstrap away from the preznitsy.

Oh, Johnny Earle, how could you do this to me?

@SanFranLefty: Big day for you today — Giants, Tree . . .

@Dodgerblue: Louisville is 6-0, ranked 16, playing South Florida as we speak.

@mellbell: UCLA has a bye, so we can’t lose . . .

@Benedick: I thought the lobomity took care of the whole “Johhny Mill” thing. Sometimes I think you just aren’t trying.

@Dodgerblue: TREEEEEEEE FTW! I hope that JNOV and Chicago Bureau are celebrating somewhere too. I have to admit I was almost feeling sorry for Kal by the end of that thrashing. Almost. Not quite.

w/r/t Los Gigantes de San Francisco – last night I wore my lucky retro Giants shirt, the same one I wore a week earlier when Buster had his grand slam. One guess for my Sunday ensemble (laundered, of course, I’m not that superstitious or crass)?

@SanFranLefty: !!!

I was all set to hang with the Seattle SNODFART folks at Jillian’s Billards or some such, and, well, let’s say I had some hypothermia problems due to participation is some, er, civil disobedience, which led to a few hours spent at the Hurricane Cafe drying my feet some and stuffing my face and reliving my 20s then humping it back to said place of cold and trench foot and then hopping the (awesome — really) Sound Transit bus home. So, yeah.

I go to these things to hang with the Bears anyway. SNODFARTS only want to network; Bears party some.

But I did see the score once my body temp regulated. That took a good six hours.

ADD: New job rocks. It’s about fucking time!

ADDDDD: Except for the Hatch Act rules about social networking and blog participation of a partisan nature.

@¡Andrew!: ¡Yo!

@All: I SERIOUSLY need some Spanish lessons.


I might have caught some sort of PNW Woo, even though much of it is part of my cultural background — a culture that I’ve never known much about.

I’m not sure I’m having my place smudged, but an elder wants to rename me. I think I’ll let her. If it’s a kinda cool name, and because I have no middle name and my first name is boring hell, I might adopt it as a middle name. Depends on what it is, I suppose.

@JNOV: I use the free podcasts from Notes in Spanish and their emails and vocab lists to keep from getting too rusty.

@SanFranLefty: This is FAN-TAS-TIC! And it’s free? How can you NOT love THAT.

Efraín might not mock me one day.

@SanFranLefty & @JNOV: ¡Me encanta Notes in Spanish! I listen to Ben and Marina at work most days. I especially enjoy Ben’s sexy Bri-tish accent. ¡Ay caramba!

@¡Andrew!: When I was in Madrid I seriously considered trying to track down Ben and Marina, but then I thought it’d be a little weird. They have conversations on some interesting topics, which I really enjoy.

@JNOV: Stumbled upon them in iTunes, followed them to their own website. They do have a pay option for extra lessons, but yes, most of the podcasts are free.

@SanFranLefty y @¡Andrew!: Okay. Awesome. I won’t be able to spell cagada, sino ¡Me encanta vevir en Seattle! No me gusto vevir en Auburn, sino travajo en Auburn. Me mola Seattle.

Okay. “vivir” “trabajo” ugh.

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