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(read in the Lovitz voice): We are getting a shuttle, and you are not, Acting!



So you got a shuttle and dinged it already? I may have to rethink letting a NY driver get behond the wheel of my GT-R.

@RevZafod: I’ll have you know that I have a perfect record with Zipcar. And the Nissan Altima Hybrid is much harder to handle than your GT-R.

@blogenfreude: You do know that shuttle’s just a nonfunctioning prop, don’t you?

Ha-ha! They got DC’s sloppy seconds.

@nojo: It’s been in space, so there. Houston is the city that has a problem.

The Enterprise actually hasn’t. It flew but only in the atmosphere.

@ManchuCandidate: it’s been closer to space than you and way closer than that cardboard cutout Houston got.

@ManchuCandidate: it’s been closer to space than you and way closer than that cardboard cutout Houston got.

From NASA Space Shuttle Approach and Landing Tests
“For these landings, the Enterprise was flown by a crew of two after it was released from the top of the SCA. The vehicle was released at altitudes ranging from 19,000 to 26,000 feet.”

So most of us have been closer to space on long flights.

Also JSC in Houston has a Saturn V that I thought much more impressive than the shuttle I saw at KSC.

Still, enjoy your new toy, and as my avatar Walter might say, “Calmer ‘n you are.”

BTW, the avatar photo is from the first of my three Best Walter wins at LebowskiFests: LA 2005, NYC 2006, LA 2007.

@RevZafod: you are totally determined to shit on my childhood – you and fucking Lucas.

Seriously – I flew in boss’s private jet once and I think we were @37 or 38K.

Shit on your childhood? No!

Pee on your rug, maybe a little just for fun. Aren’t you getting a little long in the tooth to harbor illusions?

Now you kids get off my lawn.

::kettle corn::

Anyone ever make it to see the shuttle land at Edwards AFB? I never made it. :-(

Still, I lived closer to a real shuttle than Bloggie does.

Why didn’t they fly that thing into NYC on a 747 and have Sully land that shit in the drink? That barge is so undignified. But it’s not a real spacecraft, so, yeah.

Bradbury is laughing his ass off.

Why does NYC have a Navy Graveyard anyway?

@redmanlaw: I was waiting to see who’d go there. Nicely done.

TJ// MY GOD! They are shocking the shit out of pupils at a school for special needs kids? And this place is still open?

Time to get totally baked and watch Mexican game shows again.

Oh, hey. There’s a hockey game. I used to live near the NJ Devil family cemetery. Or so they say…

@¡Andrew!: They just yanked some Teabagger off the street and put them to work.

@blogenfreude: I was happy as any Teen Trekkie that the Test Shuttle was named after NCC-1701, but it was still a test.

@nojo: ALRIGHT ALREADY, but it’s exactly one more shuttle than Sandy Eggo has … amiright? Sure you have nice weather and lots of Mexicans, but we have a fucking space shuttle. And an aircraft carrier (with its guns permanently pointed at H&H Bagel, I might add …).

@blogenfreude: They have an SR-71 in Balboa Park. That’s fucking awesome.

@blogenfreude: 68 and sunny. Who needs a fucking surplus shuttle?

@nojo: It will be 65 and sunny at least 5 or 6 days this year here in the Big Apple. And you have no snow. So there.

@I’m passing for white: I’m starting to think this is deliberate. Rmoney is ensuring support among mouthbreathers who can’t spell and resent those who can.

@blogenfreude: There’s always Julian, Big Bear, Idyllwild… and no cars spraying you with slush.

@blogenfreude: Didn’t that carrier get stuck in the mud?

Yeah. San Diego has like no ships and certainly no carriers.

Did you know the middle section of the Coronado Bridge floats? Trufax.

@blogenfreude: Sure we have snow in Sandy Eggo County. Just not where it’s fucking annoying.

You visit the snow. The snow doesn’t visit you.

@blogenfreude: That’s true. Houston doesn’t have a shuttle. They just have everything else, including the only people who can fly the damn thing or train people to fly it.

Enjoy your tourist attraction.

We got some fucking atom bombs in a museum up at Los Alamos (mock ups, the originals are unavailable having been dropped on fucking Japan in 1945) and the people who build that shit every day of the week.

@redmanlaw: We Bay Area types have the original Fillmore Auditorium. That’s all I need.

Dammit, didn’t I say about 6 hours ago that you kids should get off my lawn? Do I have to call the cops?

Uh, Blogenfreude, not to rain even more on your parade, but just one more thing….:

Since Earth is an oblate spheroid with an equatorial/polar radius difference of 21.3km or almost 70,000 feet, aren’t people in Houston already 15 to 20 thousand feet higher than those in NYC, not to mention closer to the sun which might account for so many more Republicans down here than up there, being in the heat all the time.

Which may also account for an old retiree like me [spending most of the day inside in A/C] being less-brain-damaged than those around me who have to go outside like mad dogs and Englishmen in the midday sun? Just throwing out the hypothesis for further study.

There’s the concept. I leave it to you children to do the math

@Walking Still: Spreckels in SD. Walnut in Philly. Er, AC has the oldish Convention Hall. And then there’s Cape May. :-)

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