Did Todd Akin Say Something Stupid Today?

Stupid Todd [via @anamariecox]

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: It’s not like we all gathered around the TV one fated Friday night to watch the OJ Car Chase/Snuff Film.

@nojo: They will air the Grammys with a 10 second delay so as not to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities by hearing the word “fuck” but this shit runs live. I don’t get it.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: A while back I gave myself a gift – I don’t have to watch that shit. 2 Girls 1 Cup? Never seen it. Sick videos sent to me? Don’t watch ’em. And I don’t watch awards shows, convention coverage, or debates. I can get clips if I want them. A gift of time to myself.

@ManchuCandidate: Sound familiar? Same problem ACORN had with paying folks to register voters. Difference: ACORN spotted the problem and reported it.

@blogenfreude: You’re missing out on so much. Western civilitzion, which produced Shakespeare, Keats, George Bernard Shaw, and Miller comes to fruition in Goatse and Two Girls, One Cup. Truly, we have come so far as a people.

@blogenfreude: I don’t understand. If you don’t watch TV what do you have opinions about?

@Benedick: Have you ever seen Two Girls, One Cup? You should google it, it’s extraordinary.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: Western civilitzion, which produced Shakespeare, Keats, George Bernard Shaw, and Miller

Dennis Miller travels in fast company.

It’s been kinda quiet this week. I’m looking forward to the debate on Weds night.

@Dodgerblue: Everybody needed a break this week, so Republicans could catch up with dumping on Mitt.

@Dodgerblue: Also, it’s the “Town Hall” debate that’ll be the fun one: Mitt charming a crowd.

@nojo: That one will drive his handlers to the funny farm.

@nojo: I can’t wait for him to try getting the crowd chanting “Romney – Ryan” again. That humiliating moment made me cringe and close my eyes in embarrassment. Sadly I don’t think that even this late in the election cycle Mitt has the foggiest idea that he doesn’t connect with practically everybody.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: sounds like Justine by de Sade. I gave up on that after about 50 pages spent describing various diets given to the captive heroine and the effect they have on the taste, color, and texture of her shit. I think I lasted as far as veal. And don’t get me started on 120 Days of Sodom.

So really there’s nothing new under the sun. But why am I telling you that?

Still no definitive word on my fractured foot. The question of course is will I dance again?

I was trying to think of something clever to write in defense of Mittens but the smell of toast emanating from his campaign reminds me I’ve got a nice bottle of tawny port waiting to be opened

Why is it that whenever I venture into FB I want to punch everyone in the face?

I don’t care what you like. I don’t care what I like. I won’t friend you. You’re all so depressing. Piss off.

I had the best Margarita of my life tonight, and am now enjoying a dry Riesling and watching my gf Gwen Ifill on the TV.

@Benedick: and if you update your status more than semi-annually, I pity you.

@Benedick: Please don’t punch me in the face if I say I hope your foot is getting better.

@Benedick: I don’t know, could you play the violin before?

You may hit the rimshot button now.

Seriously, though, what happened? Hate to hear that you’re hurting, no snark at all,

I’m not on the Twitters, so here’s mine:

Yo momma’s so broke, the butler orders her to answer the door. #RomneyZingers

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: The floor of the porch is bluestone. The path leading to the drive is also bluestone. There is a 6in step from the porch to the path. I stepped off and forgot how to walk for a moment. My foot turned in and I put my weight on the side of my foot and fractured a bone and tearing a ligament. I was wearing a soft cast for a couple of weeks. I go back to the doc tomorrow. He gave me percocet. It’s lucky I wasn’t chewing gum or I might have done some real damage.

@Dave H: Thanks.

@blogenfreude: My status is ‘None of Your Fucking Business.’

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