Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Bunny Rabbits

Title: “Government Bullies: How Everyday Americans Are Being Harassed, Abused, and Imprisoned by the Feds”

Author: Rand Paul; foreword by Ron Paul

Rank: 21

First Three Sentences of Blurb: “Government regulations are out of control. They dictate how much water goes into your commode, and how much water comes out of your showerhead. They determine how hot the water needs to be in your washing machine, and how many miles to the gallon your car must achieve.”

Fourth Sentence of Blurb: “Since the Patriot Act, your banking records, your gun registration, and your phone bill are easily accessible by government snoops.”

Fifth and Sixth Sentences of Blurb: “Mothers are arrested for buying raw milk. Families are fined for selling bunny rabbits without a license.”

Reviews Mentioning Patriot Act: 1

Reviews Mentioning Milk: 1

Reviews Mentioning Bunny Rabbits: 0

Review: “I think you have a long way to go to reach your father’s level of intellect, vision and clarity.”

Customers Also Bought: “Dubs Runs for President” by Dick Morris, Eileen McGann, and Clayton Liotta

Footnote: BuzzFeed should do a gallery of wingnut book covers featuring authors with folded arms.

Government Bullies [Amazon]

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9:20 am • Sunday • September 16, 2012

How did they find someone dumber than Rand Paul to write this book for him?

10:06 am • Sunday • September 16, 2012

Waiting for Flippin to weigh in on bunny terrorism.

10:18 am • Sunday • September 16, 2012

Please, you speak despairingly of Ayn’s godson. Rand’s adopted state of KY allowed him to be elected as a real US Senator over the objection of it’s senior Senator (of whom we cannot speak his name). And the current presidential polling show the Mittens leading the President by a wide margin. Kentucky used to be able to point to Mississippi and be comforted by the fact that they weren’t on the bottom of every list. But now KY is rapidly sinking south on all counts. How proud they must be.
You know what they say: Drill Rand, drill (pun intended).

10:39 am • Sunday • September 16, 2012

@Dodger: I started to write a 1-star review entitled “A case for bunny rabbit regulation,” but I chickened out (even though it would have been deleted in about .0009 seconds for irrelevency), cuz I have a sneaking suspicion Amazon will be our print media overlords soon enough and cashe has a looooong memory.

11:28 am • Sunday • September 16, 2012

@flippin eck: Amazon agreed to pay Cal state sales tax in return for permission to build some warehouses here. They are talkimg about one-day or same-day delivery, which means that I may never have to get off the couch again.

11:36 am • Sunday • September 16, 2012

@Dodgerblue: PA did the same. No small irony that I had a new pair of running shoes shipped to me, second-day delivery free, from the comfort of my chair. In Virginia.

4:29 pm • Sunday • September 16, 2012

@Beggars Biscuit: Yeah. Local merchants are not amused — having bitched for years about the uneven playing field, now they will actually have to compete on service.

11:21 pm • Sunday • September 16, 2012

@Dodgerblue: Yes, but your goods will be delivered by unreliable drivers hired from a “penny saver” classified, paid minimum wages and no benes in unsecured vehicles via a contractor that does not have local boots or wheels on the ground.

I stopped ordering from Amazon after I saw one of my Amazon packages being delivered by a guy in an old unmarked beat up pickup truck with labeled Amazon packages piled high in the unsecured open bed. This is what Prime buys you.

12:39 am • Monday • September 17, 2012

@texrednface: Maybe I’m just lucky here in So Cal. I’ve had exactly one package go missing from Amazon, a couple of books. I emailed customer service and they had a replacement delivered to my house by noon the next day, no additional charge.

9:42 am • Monday • September 17, 2012

@Dodgerblue: When I was in grad school, I frequently ordered textbooks from Amazon with no problem, but for other books I had problems with them even filling my order (not moving on the order for 3 weeks one time). I still order *some* stuff from them but most of my books are either from the local bookstore or Book Depository in the UK — which has free international shipping.

9:59 am • Monday • September 17, 2012

Speaking of small furry animals, Butterstick 2: Electric Boogaloo has arrived. Take that, San Diego!

10:57 am • Monday • September 17, 2012

@mellbell: First tweet I saw this AM was Ana Marie Cox’s “There’s been a panda!”

12:12 pm • Monday • September 17, 2012

You want bunnies? I’ve got hundreds. They sit outside playing gin rummy with the pugs.

12:21 pm • Monday • September 17, 2012

@Benedick: In a past life as a Bunny, I drank rum and played gin – or was it the other way around?

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