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Actually, he’s always seemed to me to be the dork the frat guys would beat the shit out of when he ratted them out for violating the campus code.

Lefty, I’ sure you appreciate that today is the most important day on the Farm’s calendar. It’s the day that you need to BEAT USC IN FOOTBALL.

Thank you.

Dodgerblue, UCLA ’72, ’75.

@Dodgerblue: Ahem, you were already summoned.

Believe me you, I’m hearing all about How.Important.This.Game.Is from Oregonians left and right.

P.S. I could have scored the field goal that the Stanford kicker whiffed in the first quarter.

@Dodgerblue: Touchdown, Tree! Suck it, Spoiled Children!

ADD: If (I can’t believe I’m jinxing myself by saying this) Stanford beats USC, will you wear a “Fear the Tree” shirt for a day?

ADD 2: Tree QB sacked. Spoke too soon.

ADD 3: Tree 21 – U$C 14. I may be going to the Farm tomorrow to pick out a shirt for Dodger.

ADD 4: Fuck yeah. I’m getting you the shirt, Dodger. It’s the least you could do, karma wise.

I’ve never regretted sleeping with a fraternity boy. NEVER!

The very idea!

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