Dumb and Dumber and Dumber …

The Frothy Mixture admits what we all knew:


It’s like the “I’m just a caveman. . .” of political argument.

Sadly, there are a lot more morons than smart, elite people.

Seriously, it’s not so much the ignorance and stupidity that scares me about these people. It’s the way they tale pride in their ignorance and stupidity.

Anti intellectualism. …because it worked so well for the Bolsheviks, Chinese Communists, Nazis, and the Khmer Rouge.

@Serolf Divad:
And the very thin skin they have when dealing with folks who aren’t ignorant or stupid.

I think he was actually trying to make the case that they didn’t need brains because they have faith: i.e. that they’re better than the elites. However, given that he’s a fool he couldn’t articulate that properly so it came out like this.

@Benedick: Isn’t there an archaic definition of “smart” that doesn’t mean “intelligent”, but something more derogatory? I tried chasing that down yesterday, but couldn’t find anything conclusive. Maybe “empty cleverness”.

And maybe that’s all beyond Frothy’s linguistic range, anyway. But it sounded familiar.

@mellbell: That’s a new one on me, but good to know. I love word evolution.

@mellbell: By the way, that’s a wonderful site. It reflects why I love my old American Heritage: chasing down word roots to their earliest sources, which frequently reveal an evolution from physical to metaphorical. Our language is very concrete, at least in its origins.

@mellbell: Oh christ, how am I supposed to get anything done now?

A) I think he’s making it up as he goes along.
2), he totally wants to be the leader of the American Taliban movement. Totally.
And, finally, let it be known to the people in that room, that he called them “stupid”.
My elite ears heard it.

@Dodgerblue: I dispute the lead:

During a private fundraiser earlier this year, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a small group of wealthy contributors what he truly thinks of all the voters who support President Barack Obama.

No, he told them what they wanted to hear. He tells everybody what he thinks they want to hear.

@nojo: He spoke here in L.A. today to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I wonder if he knows what “Hola, ojete” means.

‘Smart’ has always had overtones in the Land of Lime. Algy greets Gwendoline by saying, “Dear me, you are smart.” Which is another way of saying “Get you, Ada, for ninepence.” Which is not a compliment. Here in the US it means intelligent. In the UK it tends to mean too smart for your own good, implying smart-alecky deviousness. Nice is not a word one uses in nice society. The English tend to say ‘bright’ or ‘clever’ as Americans use ‘smart’. But it should be noted that if an English person praises you publicly they are mocking you.

And yes I do have a fracture in my foot, thank you for asking, I fell off the porch. A matter of some 7 inches. But haha I also have teh Percocet, bitchez. Wait. What?

@Benedick: Ease up on the gin, doesn’t mix well with Percocet. Are you on crutches?

@Benedick: I am on crutches. I also have a soft cast. Rubbing it doesn’t help. The pugs are imitating Barbara Walters. I don’t know why.

Ease up on the gin? Are you mad?

@Benedick: I see. The pugs already look like Barbara Walters to you. Well, something has kicked in — why don’t you go to town and wave your crutches menacingly at the townsfolk?

@Dodgerblue: I’m not saying they look like Barbara Walters. That would be silly. I’m saying they sound like her. The townsfolk were not enthused by my re-enactment on the town green yesterday of Wotan putting Brunhild to sleep so I think I’ll spare myself the trouble of waving anything at them right now, ta very much.

I’m thinking that when I can walk again – if I can walk again – I’ll put the crutches in the garden and train things up them. From my agony let something beautiful grow. Morning glories, perhaps. Now wait, I took two of them little buggers 46 mins ago so I think I’m about due for another shot. The whole trick is moderation.

One pill makes you larger…

Take it easy.


Maybe he’s playing shill, but I think it’s more the mask came off and you see the Gorgon’s true face.

As pointed out by someone else, it makes his refusal to show his tax returns (and that pissy 13-15% he fucking pays) seem quite hypocritical. The people who don’t pay, can’t pay while he’s worth 250 million and won’t.

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