Sun Myung Moon, 1920-2012

Sun Myung Moon, self-proclaimed messiah who founded Unification Church, dies at age 92 [AP/WaPo]


The Succession Wars will probably tear apart his religion and sushi empire.

Let’s check in with the Washington Times

In addition to leading the worldwide religious movement he founded in South Korea in 1954, Rev. Moon supported anti-communist causes during the Cold War, promoted international and interfaith peace activities, and strongly advocated a pro-marriage, pro-family culture.

“Words cannot convey my heart at this time,” said Thomas P. McDevitt, president of The Washington Times. “Rev. Sun Myung Moon has long loved America, and he believed in the need for a powerful free press to convey accurate information and moral values to people in a free world. The Washington Times stands as a tangible expression of those two loves.”

On the other hand, words can convey my heart. But they include a lot of consonants.

Well! That’s pleasant! Frontloaded my estimated taxes this year because of a Q1 windfall, and by Q3 I’m still ahead by a dollar.

Oh, and Demrats and Repugs? Our Exceptional Nation’s Freelancers continue to thank all of you for doing shit for us.

ADD: Except for the part about deducting all our toys immediately, instead of a seven-year amortization. So maybe we should call it even.

I thought the sun was shining a little brighter today.

That’s us 43 rows back 19 from the right. Happy day.

@nojo: I started freelancing seriously this year and I dread tax time.

@rptrcub: When you get into the groove it’s all about pre-payment. Though I do all my banking at the credit union I use one card to pay for almost everything so that at the end of the year I get a print-out of all my expenses which has cut the time spent figuring out taxes to a couple of hours. And plus double flyer miles.

@Benedick: My income isn’t sufficiently predictable or steady to do flat quarterly tax payments, so I have a wildly elaborate spreadsheet to do the Fisherman’s Schedule.

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