Adventures in Ill-Advised Backdrops


@SanFranLefty: Was it Jenny Sanford who had the good sense to be conspicuously absent at the inevitable teary press conference?

@mellbell: Oh, yeah. She was moved to her house on Sullivan Island by the time he got back from the”Trail.” That’s what you can do when you’re the spouse with all the money.

The daughter in the gray sweater is planning to kill him in his sleep. Stay strong, sister.

“That side was made for you and me.” Woody Guthrie.

@SanFranLefty: I read this article and looked at the photo. I think that he just nails it. Is she in some sort of Walter Mitty moment here or what. And the girls are clearly pissed. Someone should help get them into protective custody before the rest of their lives are ruined.

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