Wingnuts Achieve Inception on Legitimate Rape

Todd Akin:

I misspoke.

Dana Loesch:

Progressive backlash from Roman Polanski fans and deniers of Occupy rapes was immediate.

William A. Jacobson:

Dana Loesch was almost alone is saying, hold on a second, give the guy some time to clarify and don’t hold him to a standard Democrats are not held to until that clarification comes. Which it has. Loesch also pointed out that making a stupid statement is not the same as Claire McCaskill tanking the economy and voting for Obamacare.

Jim Hoft:

Yesterday Christian Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) misspoke on rape during an interview with liberal media host Charles Jaco. Akin immediately corrected himself.

Robert Stacy McCain:

It looks like the Left has another Alinsky Rule 12 play underway.


Good. I hope the entire teabagiverse doubles down on this.

@Dodgerblue: I’m surprised they haven’t yet attacked Mitt for his (eventual) condemnation. But this is still playing out.

“This is not mature liberty for the mind; this is slavery to the crotch.”

@JNOVjr: How about this?

“Sex is wonderful, but it is ultimately the means to the end of continuing humanity.”

Sorry, son — if only I’d known you were the Anti-Christ. I’ve had my suspicions…

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