When All Else Fails, 9/11

Our guest columnist was happily laboring in obscurity before Sunday.

We believe that life is something that comes from our creator. We’re made in his image. And all across America you see Americans that have a respect for life — it’s not a political debate, it’s not words, it’s how they live their lives. I remember in Sept. 11, rescue workers running into the building that’s about to collapse. They grabbed somebody that’s in a wheelchair, pick him up, they don’t check their ID to see whether they’re important or not. They just take them to safety and run back for more. They by their lives speak as Americans about what we think about the value of human beings and how much repeat we hold people with… That’s the very special thing about our country.

Todd Akin: ‘I’ve Not Yet Begun To Fight’ [TPM]

Yeah Todd, we remember the firefighters. And then we remember evil dickweeds“principled conservatives” just like you accusing them of being Communists for daring to organize for pensions, wages, and even just HEALTH CARE after working in a blizzard of toxic dust…

Akin professed deep regret for the people he had hurt, but said he meant “forcible rape” instead of “legitimate rape” in his interview Sunday.

Because there’s absolutely nothing wrong in suggesting that women who weren’t raped at gunpoint weren’t, you know, raped.

@mellbell: Bingo!

Akin said exactly what he meant the first time.

@nojo: He’s digging deeper and wider now. Kudos to his crisis management team.

@Dodgerblue: And kudos to Mitt’s crisis-management team, which has managed to deflect attention so far from his and Ryan’s previously stated views on the matter.

But hey, still a breaking story. First, Akin has to fall on his, um, sword on Tuesday. That’ll free up some room for folks to wonder why the GOP ticket opposes now what they advocated before.

NRO, backing away from Akin while stepping into another cowpie:

Only a small minority of Americans opposes abortion in cases of rape, and some Democrats are now trying to claim that the real scandal in Akin’s remarks is that he, and some other Republicans, belongs to it.

If I tried that move, I’d twist my ankle.

T/J: some job advice. When applying for a job at an enviro nonprofit that will draw 100s of applicants, it is a good idea to spell correctly the name of said nonprofit.

@Dodgerblue: I’m guessing the applicant was not a Brit who spelled defense with a c.

@Dodgerblue: I had a guy apply for an internship with the email “monkeylove” at freemail. I interviewed him just for kicks, and as he turned out to be perfectly qualified to make copies and run to the post office, I became obsessed with the idiotic email addresses people use when they are applying for jobs.

@mellbell: We also get “counsel” instead of “council,” but by far the most common is “National” instead of “Natural.” Folks, it’s on the goddam job announcement.

Or the folks who put pictures of themselves on their resume. I don’t care what you look like.

Ironic that you mention that DB as I got into a loud angry yelling match with my mom about that yesterday. She (who hasn’t worked since giving birth and her ideas about a job search come from the 60s) seems to think that if I grew hair (which I don’t have) on my head that I could get a job. It got worse because then she started talking about folks who have jobs who are nicely dressed. Instead of the reality that the job market has seized and there are 100s of applicants for each measly job. My temper (no surprise) started to erupt until I mentioned that the asshole who fucked me over in my recent interview was very nicely dressed/coiffed and she said “He has a job.” At this point I boiled over and proceeded to yell 110dB of fury and invective at her for 5 minutes over the phone and slammed the phone down. Still really pissed about it.

@ManchuCandidate: It weirded me out that in Germany pictures were standard on CVs. But then so was marital status.

@mellbell: So they won’t hire any, uh, undesirables? Cue Blazing Saddles again!

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