The Ball Doesn’t Fall Far From the Kristol

Our guest columnist is Daniel Halper, online editor for the Weekly Standard.

  • “Biden: ‘I’d Trade Being Vice President in a Heartbeat for Having Won Daytona'” [3:59 pm, Tuesday]
  • “Obama Has Plenty of Time to Drop Biden[12:35 pm, Wednesday]
  • “Is Today the Day?” [8:01 am, Thursday]


Posted by a friend on FB:

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan” is an anagram of “My Ultimate Ayn Rand Porn”

Don’t these wingnuts realize that replacing Biden w/ HRC would guarantee Obama a second term?

@blogenfreude: Maybe a year ago, but you don’t switch horses ten weeks out. Ask George McGovern.


@karen marie still has her eyes tight shut: Leave it to the Romney campaign to turn a Media Honeymoon into a clusterfuck.

@nojo: Let me tell you something – I best know Sargent Shriver for rear-ending my in my dad’s Dodge Polara in Bethesda MD in 1979. Hillary wouldn’t have tried to get me to move the cars. She’d also energize millions.

@blogenfreude: Nothing wrong with Sargent as such — by all accounts, an honorable man.


Replacing Eagleton in the middle of a campaign was the problem. (That, plus selecting him in the first place…) If you’re going to pull that move, you don’t pull it now.

@nojo: So we disagree, and not for the first time – I think HRC would energize and win it. If it happens, we will see.

@blogenfreude: It’s already won. It’s been won since a year ago. Electoral-vote counts have always shown Obama leading, strongly leading, winning, or spiking the football in the endzone. That’s why Romney chose Smithers: Desperation.

Plus, it’s not like a Clinton doesn’t come with some baggage. All that Wingnut Concern Trolling would turn to Unfettered Glee if they had her to pick on.

@nojo: All these slight disagreements – another reason we should have a podcast.

@blogenfreude: Like I could stand hearing myself blather.

ADD: Besides, if I podcasted like I write, it would be Speak Sentence, Pause for Five Minutes to Admire Its Perfection, Speak Another Sentence, Pause Another Five Minutes…

Why are you people even discussing this? It’s GOP bullshit served up to distract you from their rotting corpse. “Oooh! Democrats in disarray!” Please.

@nojo: as if I couldn’t fill in those 5 minutes ….

Biden would work well in a general election campaign if Obama replaces all his appearances with interludes of Michelle and Elizabeth Kucinich making out. Just a thought.

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