The Failures of Joe Biden

  • Failed to shoot a lawyer in the face.
  • Failed to say we would be “greeted as liberators” in Iraq.
  • Failed to tell Mitch McConnell to “Go Fuck Yourself” on the floor of the Senate.

  • Failed to lie us into a war.
  • Failed to organize secret torture.
  • Failed to switch states at the last minute to qualify for office.
  • Failed to previously run a company that benefited from war contracts.
  • Failed to choose himself.
  • Failed to make high-ranking generals suffocate with a flip of his hand.
  • Failed to misspell “Potato”.
White House says Obama will stick with Biden as running mate [The Hill]


8:26 am • Friday • August 17, 2012

Obamer/Vader 2012!

10:16 am • Friday • August 17, 2012

Speaking of current and running veeps, Mittens’ folks might have dead dunked some of Ryan’s folks.

10:20 am • Friday • August 17, 2012

@ManchuCandidate: There is a special place in my heart for Darth Maul.

10:57 am • Friday • August 17, 2012

@JNOV: I think sixth lords are discriminated against due to their unconventional religious beliefs.

11:04 am • Friday • August 17, 2012

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: And their appearance. They’re just not cute enough.

ETA: Yes, Yoda is cute.

11:07 am • Friday • August 17, 2012

TJ/ Army Suicides Doubled Last Month

ETA: When I was in the Navy (’88-’94) we had more than four suicides per month at my base alone. Lies, Damn Lies and the Military.

11:10 am • Friday • August 17, 2012

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: I might just have some MJ in my system as well, just not at the moment, although it could be in my body fat. Shit.

11:24 am • Friday • August 17, 2012

Deah dunking, eh? It’s not fair for ancestors to be punished for their descendent’s misdeeds. I picture Mormon heaven as being a gentile free Utah or Southern Idaho: a very dry, patriarch ruled desert indeed.

12:27 pm • Friday • August 17, 2012

@Jesuswalksinidaho: +1

Also, they still gather names of folks whose descendents are not Mormon converts. TSCC claim that they do not is a big fucking fat lie. And they recycle names to keep the ever-more-empty temples squeaking.

Pay. Pray. Obey.

When I passed through UT (GO GREYHOUND — really, don’t), I had never seen so many grain silos and cereal processing plants and banks of Zion in my life. (Never seeing Zion banks before makes sense, though.)

I have nothing against food storage in general, but in many ways, it is a doomsday cult ruled by rich men who exploit their own, especially women. And to think it was once a quasi-socialist society when BY took over. And then the sex thing, but we won’t mention that.

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