They’re So Adorable When They Shove Their Heads Up Their Asses

“Perhaps further fueling speculation that Barack Obama may replace Joe Biden on the Democratic presidential ticket with, say, Hillary Clinton, take a look at part of the president’s schedule for today…” [Weekly Standard]


I really don’t get this one.

I certainly get “Biden is Awful”, coming from wingnuts who want to change the conversation from Paul Ryan.

But I don’t get “Obama’s gonna dump Biden right now! Watch!” It ain’t gonna happen — the electoral-vote count is still a landslide — and when it doesn’t, where does that leave them? It doesn’t even qualify as decent Concern Trolling.

CNN was on in the gym earlier tonight, and it struck me that Jon Huntsman is now literally the same shade as Bill Richardson. It’s called sunscreen, dude. Look into it. And, yes, the host saw fit to ask Richardson whether Biden is getting the boot.

What’s adorable is that there are people in this world who still think dealing with reality is part of the wingnut thought process. I wouldn’t be surprised if those but jobs came up with an “Obama is replacing Joe Biden with Topo Gigo” meme.

Add: Haha, “buttjobs”. Autocorrect, you speak what is in my heart.

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