How Much Would You Pay to See Donald Trump Beaten to a Pulp?


How much? About as much as he’s really worth. Next to nothing.

OT/ Paella update… ugh. I didn’t fuck this up as badly as the last time. The shrimp was cooked fine, but I don’t have a Paella Pan (jeez, really?) and the ingredients nearly overflowed my deep pan so only half the rice is fully cooked.

Note to self, next time cut the amount of ingredients in half.

@ManchuCandidate: Sounds like you’ve just about got it down, but if you need any more tips (or just want to see a pro in action) do a Google video search for José Andrés. He’s obsessed with paella.

@ManchuCandidate: did you use arborio rice?

Also, re: Trump – I am not am MMA fan, but I would donate to a fund to see Gina Carano get into a cage with him.

how bout a match with david schultz, aka dr death. john stossel can do the play by play.

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