Paranoid GOP

Oliver Willis makes a good point:

Contrast [the conservatives’ vetting of Biden] with the reactions to progressive opposition research to Sarah Palin and now Paul Ryan. Take Fox News pundit/host Monica Crowley, for example (fun fact: she once accused Obama of lying about being black). She tweets: “Evidence the Left is freaked out re Ryan? Axelrod, DWShultz, Maddow, etc all stumbling & bumbling on the morning shows. Plus, lying.”

I’ve been on the receiving end of similar criticisms from the right since I started writing about the Ryan selection, and it echoes a lot of the same things I heard after Palin’s selection (or as I call it: the greatest days of blogging I’ve ever had). Apparently when the left pulls up information about a Republican candidate — vetting them, if you will — no matter the candidate or the situation, it is a sign that we are supposedly scared of the selection.

We are scared by Ryan’s selection, and conservatives are victims, and … and let’s not mention the fact that Paul Ryan thinks that if your father rapes you and you conceive that you should be forced to have the child.

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I can hardly wait till Nov when we can move on to election 2016. I am so psyched!

@Benedick: I think I’m ready to skip ahead to commenting about the 2060 election, when I’ll be safely dead and you young whippersnappers will be the victims participants in the electoral process. Maybe by then no American will have to be bothered with the drudgery of leaving the TV and casting a vote and Good King Mitt III will be reigning in the new national capital of Salt Lake City.

@Dave H: Hey, buddy, who you callin’ young?

@Dave H: I haven’t had to leave the TV to cast a vote in fifteen years.

Anagrams for Mitt Romney:

“Men or my tit”
“Met in my rot”

For Paul Ryan:

“Lunar Yap”

If you add in Ryan’s middle name, Davis:

“Airy Pus Vandal”
“Saliva Yard Pun”
“Playa and Virus”

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