When we last checked in with Talibunny spawn Bristol Palin, she was busy filming her reality show and opining about the dangers of gay marriage.  Here’s a new clip released by the producers of her show where she and her sister Willow just laugh and laugh when her toddler son calls Aunt Willow “faggot.”  Pity the child’s future kindergarten teacher.

[LGBTQ Nation: Where Did a Three-Year Old Learn ‘Faggot’?]

Tripp would make even the staunchest opponent of corporal punishment want to take a strap to his spoiled little behind. Because Mom and Grandma are beyond help.

This is why you don’t let Nana Dingus babysit.

Betcha he gets his mouth washed out with soap for the inappropriate use of the word “trash”.

@Jesuswalksinidaho: So much potential with a lovely mother and aunt like that! That boy is a lock to take over the Johnson family meth business.

@flypaper: It’s sad when the tweaker branch of his family tree seems more stable (holding aside the occasional trip to the Big House).

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