And Again, Still Not Going Away

Turns out Mittens hasn’t even released his full 2010 return (Huffpo via Angry Black Lady):

Mitt Romney has not released his full tax records from 2010, including key documentation connected to his Swiss bank account.

Although President Barack Obama and an increasing number of Republican politicians have called on Romney to release tax returns from years prior to 2010, the public criticism has so far failed to note that Romney has not disclosed all of his tax documents for 2010 itself — the only year for which the GOP presidential nominee has presented any final tax forms.

Romney released his 2010 tax return in January of this year, a document that first informed voters about the existence of his Swiss bank account and financial activities in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. But people who own foreign bank accounts are required to file a separate document with the IRS that provides additional details on such overseas bank holdings, and Romney has not released that form to the public.

Drip drip drip ….

And did you hear that nice Ann Romney said Mitt had given “you people” enough financial information?

Mitt Romney Hasn’t Even Released His Full 2010 Tax Return [Angry Black Lady]

At least Ann didn’t admonish us for getting uppity.

The DNC apologizes for the “dancing horse” video, that apparently offended Ann Romney. ABC news notes:

This is already a brutal campaign, but the Obamas have long said families are off limits. Apparently somebody high up reminded the DNC of that.

So apparently, the dancing horse is now part of Mitt Romney’s family.

So what else are they chattering about over at Arianna’s Online Koffee Klatch?

Oh $h!t.

Half Of American Households Hold 1 Percent Of Wealth

WASHINGTON — The share of the nation’s wealth held by the less affluent half of American households dropped precipitously after the financial crisis, to 1.1 percent, according to new calculations by Congress’s nonpartisan research service.

By contrast, the share of total net worth held by the weathiest 1 percent of American households continued rising, hitting 34.5 percent in 2010. The top 10 percent’s share was 74.5 percent.

Oh no, does that mean trickle-down doesn’t work?

@Serolf Divad:
It’s hard to tell among that family who the real humans are.

To be fair, it’s not like the Demrats don’t have enough crap to torch Rmoney with.

When Anne uses the term “you people” it’s time to back off.
You might make you disappear. They have the power.

@ManchuCandidate: Hey I read that article on how youz Canuckistanis now got$ all the Big Bux.* I guess you may now refer to our exceptional KKKuntree as Northern Tijuana.

*And who would’ve ever guessed it’d be thanks to Paul Martin?? As Finance Minister, he wuz a genius, as Prime Minister he turned out to be a bit of a dummy.

@¡Andrew!: I read that Sam Walton’s children, together, have more wealth than the bottom 40pct of all Americans.

@Serolf Divad: go after the $75,000 tax deduction for the horse. QED

@Dodgerblue: Yeah, the six heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune have a greater net worth than the bottom 100 million Americans in our national pyramid scheme. It likely won’t surprise you to learn that they’re also shitty tippers.

Their most successful underling (David Glass) is also a really shitty baseball team owner.

Yeah… PM Overlord Blimpy never mentions it. Also not mentioned is the 2oo8 $114 BILLION bailout of 3 Canada City Banks which nearly collapsed due to exposure to Lehman Brothers among others. Only known in the financial community as the Canada City minions of the MSM keep their fucking mouths shut about that.

@ManchuCandidate: And this all supposes that there’s not ever gonna be a Great Canuckistani Housing Crash, which natch, No One Will See Coming.

I was just up in beautiful Vansterdam, and even the Nails Ladies were flipping West End condos for half a mil in Canada Cash.

It’s already starting to happen in Toronto and Van.

@Serolf Divad: Harder to stick a dancing pony on the roof of the station wagon.

So here’s my theory. Besides showing that they probably paid taxes at a rate in the single digits in 2009, the returns will reveal more prosaic things.

Namely, if you’re a tax minimizer like Rmoney, are you going to send in your returns from Taxachusetts? Or perhaps a state with no state income tax that’s nearby and where you own a big ass Vacation McMansion? Or really you live in Sandy Eggo near Stinque Domination Headquarters, at least according to your wife/pony dancer. But you’re paying taxes from New Hampshire. At least the McCains had most of their houses within the State of Arizona, made things easier.

So where do you vote? Let’s see, you spend 2008 based out of La Jolla, campaigning for sMEGma Whitman and Carly “Death Lamb” Fiorini, and Prop. 8. Then in 2009 you vote for Scott Brown.

Voter fraud? Tax fraud? But IOKIYAR.

Signatories to foreign accounts have to file with Treasury separately from their IRS filing. I’d be surprised if those Treasury docs aren’t subject to FOIA. Is Stinque ™ ready to swim in the journo pool?


[T]he Walton family [heirs to the Walmart fortune] wealth is as large as the bottom 48.8 million families in the wealth distribution (constituting 41.5 percent of all American families) combined.

Suck on it, poors.

SFL’s been doing a good job of parodies. I had nothing in the parody tank till I heard Common People on the radio.

“Rmoney’s Common People”

He came from Mass he had a thirst for power,
He wanted to become the Preznit of US Amercia
That’s where I,
Caught his eye.
He told me that he was rather loaded,
I said “In that case I’ll want to see your tax returns!”
He said “No.”
And in thirty seconds time he said,

I don’t pay taxes like common people,
I don’t want to pay whatever common people pay,
I want the votes of common people,
I want the votes of common people,
Like you.

Well what else could I do
I said “I’ll see what I can do.”
I took him to a neighborhood,
I don’t know why,
But I had to start it somewhere,
So it started there.
I said pretend you’ve got no money,
He just laughed and said,
“Oh you’re so funny.”
I said “yeah?
Well I can’t see anyone else smiling in here.

I am sure I don’t want to pay taxes like common people,
I don’t make whatever common people make,
I want the votes of common people,
I want the votes of common people,
Like you.

But He didn’t understand,
He just smiled robotic like.
He’ll never buy Walmart slop,
Or worry about getting a fucking job.
He’ll ride his horse and swim in his pool,
And never worry about paying for school.
He’ll never sweat that he got it right,
’cause when those calls come at night,
As the bloody bodies start to fall,
He feels his money could stop it all.

You’ll never live like common people,
You’ll never pay whatever common people pay,
You’ll never be taxed like common people,
You’ll just watch your dream slide out of view,
And scream and yell and blame,
Because it all points back to you.

Gawk along at the common people,
Gawk along and it might just get you votes.
You’ll laugh at the common people,
Laugh along even though they’re laughing at you,
And the stupid things that you say.
Because you think that you are cool.

@Beggars Biscuit: Dude, I can write a FOIA request in my sleep. I’m guessing doughnuts to dollars that Dodger does them all the time too. But I don’t know shit about corporations or taxes or the Treasury Department and whether those types of docs are publicly available.

@ManchuCandidate: How Manchu Got His Groove Back!

@SanFranLefty: The latest Boston Globe report hints at an answer:

Romney’s exit dragged on, officials of the firm said, because it was a complex ordeal to extract Romney from dozens of partnerships and business entities of the firm, along with the negotiations over his compensation. The full tally of Romney’s 10-year compensation deal is not known because he has refused to release tax returns for the relevant period, which ended in 2009. In addition, his financial disclosures are sporadic and incomplete, and his assets are in a blind trust. Romney has released his 2010 tax returns and has said the only other release will be for 2011.

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