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Don’t care that it does nothing:


9:30 pm • Thursday • July 19, 2012

I seem to remember one of these a long time ago. Maybe on the Today Show in the J. Fred Muggs era. That one was much slower and had a manikin hand turn the switch off.

9:33 pm • Thursday • July 19, 2012

@stickler: I remember that. It was funny every goddam time.

2:11 am • Friday • July 20, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, our political system in a nutshell.

5:16 am • Friday • July 20, 2012

WTF happened in Denver?

And before the NRA says it I will say it. “If more people were armed in that cinema, fewer would have died”

Except for the bit where the cops go in and shoot anyone with a gun in their hand.

(I tip another god fearing xtian not doubting god’s word put in his brain)

5:28 am • Friday • July 20, 2012


Guy with a gun sees the shooter dropping bystandters and starts shooting at him, shooter begins returning fire. Another guy, not in the theater but with a gun hears the shooting, rushes in, sees the guys shooting at each other, makes a guess as to which one is the bad guy and starts shooting at him. Kills the wrong guy. Meanwhile, the psychopath shooter turn on him and kills him. This brings a fourth guy guy who starts exchanging fire with the shooter and kills him, but now a fifth guy rushes in, and shoots the fourth guy thinking he’s the psychopathic gunman.

And ’round and ’round it goes. When it stops? Nobody knows.

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