More Higgs Boson

This is indescribably cool – and to think this device could and should have been located here in the US of A:


When they stopped construction of the SSC in Waxahachie, Texas, then yeah. Our collective IQ dropped about 100 points at that point. And Texas really needed the brain boost.

@matador1015: But what about the boondoggle? Oregon was competing for the project that became (and then didn’t become) the Texas SSC, and many of felt we had dodged a financial bullet when our state lost the bid.

Yeah, “we don’t have it now”. But I’m not convinced we should have.

The best bit of the linked Wikipedia article: the mention that wingnut assholes “critics” whined about how we apparently couldn’t afford a couple billion for the SSC *and* another couple for the ISS.

Oddly, every one of those same fuckwits was almost certainly cheering for dumping a TRILLION FUCKING DOLLARS down the Middle East during Shrub’s term. Funny how that works…

I really rooted for Fermilab. Especially for The Last Person on Earth Who Rollerblades. I saw him here. But boondoggle it is. And what dude just said about YAY! We’re all working together? Pftt. Robert Gallo.

If Breaking Bad has taught me anything (and it’s taught me a lot, Bitch), it has taught me that scientists are mad proprietary, yo. And I’m The Guy that’s going to keep your boss from smoking your ass, Bitch.

Team Jesse and Mike…for now. (Two more eps to go of season four.)

Passing –

Breaking Bad is the best TV I’ve ever seen. You’re in for more treats. Yo Yo Ma.

@eggs: Shut. Up! I finished the last season at, oh, 4 am today. No spoilers here, but wow.

They found some incredible talent for this show, and I only recognized Walt (okay, after my kid told me he was Malcolm’s dad), Bell Man, Don Whohisface, and Gus.

And the dialogue? Most of it blows me away…Bitch.

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