Large Hadron Collider … We Could Have Had This …

The Higgs Boson … got an A in physics but damn if I get all of this:


Wait. And this has to do with Angry Birds how exactly?

I actually in my journeys as a PR person/magazine writer for a university wrote back in 2007 about the Higgs boson and a professor who was doing computational physics about it. I can post a link in the sandbox on the Book of Faces if so desired.

They used Comic Sans for the PowerPoint slides. COMIC SANS. Font geeks the world over go into mourning. If ever an occasion screamed out for Helvetica, this was it.

It’s a cartoon font, but it’s not Comic Sans. My choice would have been Avenir. Very clean and highly readable. And not cliché, either.

@Mistress Cynica: CERN physicist Brian Cox is a buddy of the Comic Sans designer.

CERN physicist Brian Cox is also a former keyboardist for Jimmy Page.

Yes, your life sucks compared to CERN physicist Brian Cox.

The God Particle. Yeah, that’s cool. Smashing just about anything, especially shit you can’t see, that’s cool, too. But wake me up when something is fucking confirmed. They’ve dashed my hopes too many times.

Did Brian Greene or Stephen Hawking comment on all this?

@ManchuCandidate: I think those are firecrackers I’m hearing. My lights are off, just, you know, in case.

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