Happy Birthday, US ‘Merika!

Because there’s nothing that says “Let’s celebrate our declaration of independence from the Limeys” like disapproving rabbits dressed as Uncle Sam.


Rabbits disapprove of the idiots setting off firecrackers in my neighborhood at 12:30 AM. Drawback of living in a wet climate: fireworks legal and sold in town. Local store offering its $199 fireworks package for $129. This place will sound like a war zone for the next three weeks. Luckily the kittehs aren’t frightened by them, but every dog in the area is going to be a basket case.

The pugs are outraged by disapproving rabbits. Baby pug is one year old today. All together now… Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Bunnehs! They are the best way to celebrate any holiday.

We’re having a cool, cloudy 4th in Santa Monica. My tomato plants are as disapproving as any bunny. Oddly enough, my fig tree has fecundity like a herd of bunnies, and I can now sit under my vine and fig tree, unafraid, like the old song says.

@Dodgerblue: Bright and sunny in Ess Eff, and we are cautiously optimistic that fireworks may be more than blobs of colors muffled by fog. My tomatoes mock our attempts to grow them in our microclimate.

@¡Andrew!: Er. Squeezing it through in bits and pieces or putting it on the USACE to shoot it down?

@Benedick: Happy b-day to your wonderful pup!

@I’m passing for white: If Daddy O did just green light this environmental monstrosity, I can’t believe my inbox hasn’t been flooded with angry demands from CREDO et al to contact him and those scumbags in KKKongriss.

@¡Andrew!: Andrew, what was approved was a relatively small intra-U.S. pipeline, not Keystone XL. The Keystone decision got kicked back until after the election. What is more menacing, in my view, is the feds’ determination to allow new offshore drilling for oil in the Barents and Chuchki Seas, north of Alaska. They have adopted the “What, Me Worry?” theory of risk management.

That earthquake just before 9? The entire Sandy Eggo fireworks show going off prematurely. That’s all, folks!

@nojo: Premature detonation?

Whatta bummer.

@Dodgerblue: At least they’re consistent in that respect.

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