Forgive Me Charlie Parker, Wherever You Are

Classic Muppet Show piece from 1977.


It’s the sunglasses that really sell this.

I just bought a tutoyer. There’s a sentence one doesn’t see every day.

I like this. Fats will, too. I showed him the Original Manamana, and he lost his shit. Good stuff.

@Benedick: You’re in AMERICA. SPEAK ENGLISH (our kind).

@Benedick: You may buy a vowel, but you can’t buy a familiar pronoun.

@Benedick: Quoi? (I googled it — you send me to Google more than nearly anyone else — but still haven’t the faintest.)

@mellbell: “Just call me Bene.” Wink. Wink. Nod. Nod. Say no more.

It’s probably something he tells the pool boy.

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