Lansing Lady Lawmakers Gone Loopy

Damn, what’s a similar action-verb that starts with L and means “gone” so I could have perfect alliteration?

Yeah, I can’t think of something right now. So meanwhile from Stinque’s Dep’t of To Be A Vagina-American Today/Dep’t of Lady-Bits/Dep’t You Have to Be Fucking Kidding Me, I Will Now Return to Book 2 of The Hunger Games and the Giants Baseball Game Before Researching Emigration to New Zealand:

As those wacky feminists at Planned Parenthood put it – “Woman lawmaker banned from speaking after saying ‘vagina'”.. it sounds like a headline from The Onion, but it’s what actually happened today in Michigan’s state legislature.”

Rep. Lisa Brown and Rep. Barb Byrum were both banned from speaking on the Michigan House floor today because the speaker didn’t like the remarks they had previously made in opposition to a sweeping anti-abortion bill.

Rep. Brown dropped the v-bomb on the statehouse floor this afternoon, causing a bunch of repressed conservative white men with the social skills and sexuality education of a 7 year old boy to freak out.

Rep. Byrum introduced one of those ironic bills that us feminazi Dems with a sense of humor love – her bill would require that any man seeking a vasectomy in the State of Michigan first provide proof of a medical emergency before undergoing the procedure. I don’t understand why the boys in the statehouse would find that so offensive. It’s not like they ever have had sex with sentient women over the age of 21.



I’m really loving these bills of late.

Trending tag on Twitter is #VaginaMovieLines – I’ve thrown in a few.

@blogenfreude: So to speak.

@JNOV: No shit. I want to establish the Vagina Thinktank that has a bunch of smart witty women sitting around thinking up shit like that. Take that, ALEC suckers!

I propose we (meaning us librul-thinking socialists) all move to one corner of the US, then request to secede from the US to become our own country.

It has to be close to the US because they won’t be able to ignore it when our newly-formed country develops a robust economy, stellar public schools and universities, free medical care, and everything else the US thinks they’re doing right.

Any conservatives who want to move in after we hit our stride will be subject to the same immigration laws they supported in this country.

@SanFranLefty: Yeah. They should also require men get a script for a bag of frozen peas.

@matador1015: Will we have weapons? This is the only time I would want to be armed–to the motherfucking teeth.

@matador1015: Well, if I were in charge – welcome to The People’s Republic of Cascadia – AKA Banff National Park west to Vancouver BC and Victoria BC, dropping south along an 80 mile width along the Pacific Ocean to the San Luis Obispo County/Santa Barbara County line awaiting us.

If the El Ay Stinquers raise enough fuss, I might consider dropping the south border to the Santa Barbara/Ventura County line – not that big of a deal. Nojo will have to drag his ass north, he can find good fish tacos in Morro Bay, and I’ll buy him some fleece socks to wear with his Birks.

@JNOV: We’ll have RML there with his weapons. Never fear.

@JNOV: We won’t need weapons. Our diplomats will confound the hell out of those Liberty University grads.

I’m in, as long as the Olympic pool in Federal Way, Washington gets tossed into the mix. Best swimming I’ve ever done. Ten-feet deep, 50 meters long and cold as a sonofabitch when you first jump in, but wow can one swim laps!

If these gentlemen are so skittish about the word “vagina,” perhaps they best not be allowed near one for a long, long time. The added benefit of such is that, any male legislator seen smiling after 6 months has passed, will be outing himself.


To paraphrase Office Space: Why should WE move? They’re the ones that suck! ;)

we might be on to something here. every time you see a good conservative republican, just holler out vagina! as loud as you can at him and he will surely run away and hide like vampires from a silver cross. if everybody does this enough, maybe all the good conservative republicans will disappear during daylight hours and be left to hangout with zombies and boogeymen on dark, eerie nights.

@SanFranLefty: I’m in – literally being a Bay Area Stinquer. I’d be willing to accept Hell-A, but would prefer to deed San Diego back to Mexico. Sorry Nojo, but I have too many bad memories of the place. Disneyland could be the international border.

I would note that Cascadia would have two world class cash crops to keep the economy and populace happy.

@al2o3cr: I need to move. It’s too hot and muggy down here.

Women legislators are witches–it’s a true Bible fact! The California ones float on water.

So many of today’s conservatives envy the social values of Saudi Arabia and the business environment* of the People’s Republic of China.

Plus they think the PRC has the right idea about environmental regulation.

@SanFranLefty: Hell, yes. we have a mountain range on one side and the ocean on the other for defense purposes. Pretty much any crop will grow here. We don’t need those assholes.

@Mistress Cynica: Good luck with the mountain range and the ocean keeping out pollution and global warming and desperate people. Sadly, yes we do need each other. Look at North Korea as the current experiment in keeping the rest of the world on the outside. Hasn’t that been a booming success.

@Dave H: I was in North Korea for about three and a half minutes last summer, and they didn’t even have a gift shop!

Lansing Lady Lawmakers’ Labial Lament

I think I’ve understood the essential difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans purge voter rolls: Democrats stage play readings.

@Benedick: Excellent use of the colon in that last sentence. Polite applause is heard in the land.

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