This Should End Well …

People in Russia are upset because they’ve at last figured out they live in a dictatorship. Putin is going  to make Mugabe look like Mother Theresa:

(NEWSER) – Despite new anti-demonstration fines and police interrogating opposition leaders, tens of thousands of Russians jammed Moscow’s streets today, protesting against President Vladimir Putin, reports the AP. Police estimated 20,000 protesters showed up, while organizers put the number upward of 100,000. ….

Police yesterday raided opposition leaders’ homes, confiscating cellphones and computers, and demanding that they come in for questioning an hour before today’s rally was to begin. One leftist leader ignored the summons, saying he felt it his duty to join protesters. “I never thought that we would slide back to such repressions,” tweeted a TV host.

Russia has showed us again and again that it doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. Expect lots of disappearances.

Tens of Thousands Clog Moscow to Protest Putin [Newser]

Is it too late to bring back the Tsars? At least autocracy and institutionalized slavery were consistent.

There lived a certain man in Russia a year or so
He was always shirtless, in his eyes a flaming glow
Most people looked at him with terror and with fear
But to young hot chicks he was such a lovely dear
He could seduce them like a lecher
Full of Viagra and fire
But he thought he was the kind of Leader
Russians would desire

Ruler of the Russian scene
There was a cat that really was gone
Russia’s greatest vote stealing machine
It was a shame how he carried on

@ManchuCandidate: I met one of the guys from Boney M. at an airport (Stuttgart?). And by met, I mean he hit on me and it was slightly awkward.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: I thought Obama brought back the czars, and we’ve been living in Red Dawn since January 2009.

Drat, damn, and blast! When I followed the link to Newser above, I found a
notice that Elinor Ostrom, resident of Bloomington, Indiana, IU professor, and first woman to win a Nobel Prize in Economics, has just died at age 78.

In Nabokov’s Ada (I don’t care. I like it) You can take the train bleu from pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg to New York in the 50s, crossing the wilds of Canadia overnight.

Russians can live with a dictator – heck, many of them even like that. What they want to end is the corruption that is everywhere you go, be it in politics, economics, the military – where ever. Every government employee and cop has his hand out. To do anything bureaucratic takes tons of time and money “to the right people.” It is stifling the economy even worse than the ham-handed management. And it is not simple corruption, it is systemic because every person taking a bribe, has to share a portion of it up his chain of command, all the way to the top. You could call it a “trickle up” economy in a uniquely Russian sense. And ordinary Russians are really fed up with it because they see it as a parasite eating up what could be real wages, salaries and economic growth. Instead of investing, the people getting these bribes are stashing much of the money away in foreign bank accounts. It is a real mess.

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