Suffer the Little Children

Somehow, I don’t think this is what Jesus had in mind.

Frank Bruni of the New York Times shares with us yet another anti-gay video from a church service. This time it features a young boy in Indiana who can’t be more than three singing “Ain’t No Homo Gonna Make it to Heaven” to a wildly cheering crowd of adults and children.

As Bruni notes, it is important to see these videos because especially those of us who live in certain parts of the country can get lulled into complacency that this vile hatred and prejudice is not still out there.

Tellingly, when I searched for “suffer the little children” on Google to confirm that was the wording of the passage in the Bible, what came up after the KJV was a link to a 1968 documentary about institutionalized child abuse at the Pennhurst State Hospital in Pennsylvania.

[Bruni: Hatred You Can Hum To]

And of course the James I of England, VI of Scotland, of the KJV, was a famous big old queer. Meanwhile, according to Gallup, 46% of the country (aka the South) believes Adam rode dinosaurs.

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You know what’s so goddamn infuriating about a video like this?

Remember back during the 2008 elections when Mitt Romney was accusing Barack Obama of (basically) wanting to teach kindergarteners how to put on condoms?,2933,290116,00.html

Obama thought it was appropriate to teach kindergarteners that if an adult touches them in a place that makes them uncomfortable they should let an adult they trust know about it. The GOP twisted that into the idea that Obama thought kindergarteners were ready to start delving into the Kama Sutra.

And yet here we have some right-wing church teaching hatred of homosexuals to a three year old?! The fucking hypocrisy is galling. In other words: our public schools shouldn’t teach kids the virtues of tolerance and acceptance before our churches have had a chance to turn them into vicious bigots.

What a fucking vile ideology of hate we’re up against!

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