One Way or Another

Wisconsin’s Governor Walker (R-Koch) might lose even if he wins:

[ Crooks & Liars Flash video not available. ]

Good riddance to one of the worst Republican governors in office.


Stealing from Veterans?

Supporting the troops! If you mean by troops, himself and his friends.

Except that the Lt. Gov. is Sarah Palin, only not as intelligent. Unless they elect the Dem Lt. Gov, which could happen in this election as the two recalls are separate. So getting Palin-lite as the new Gov is not an especially appealing thought. Since she’s a fundy, I blame all this on god.

The best part of this election is that the two candidates are from Milwaukee. One served as mayor, the other as county executive, AT THE SAME TIME. Yet Walker is running against Milwaukee. Cause, you know, he never really spent any time there or really liked it when he did, or had any authority or anything like that….

Could the Dems have backed off on the recall because a scandal- maybe even impeachment- of a sitting republican governer will play well for Obama during the campaign?

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