Hail to the Chief Dawg

Left to right: Tasha Reign, star of “Baby Got Boobs 8” and “Farm Girls Gone Bad”; Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States; and Brooklyn Lee, winner of AVN’s “Best Sex Scene” award for “Mission Asspossible”.

Bill Clinton Surrounded by Porn Stars in Monaco [TMZ]

Somewhere I think all those penis pills lost a killer ad campaign with Bubba Clinton.

Carter has his helping humanities bit.
Raygun had his Alzheimers
Bush has his crying over the remains of his family dynasty
W has his “What Me Worry?” life.
Clinton is the one who mixes his helping with life as a poon hound and probably the one ex-Prez that you’d invite to a bachelor party.

Did he show him his trick with the sink?

Wonder if he even knew who they were ….

@blogenfreude: He didn’t. Which makes it better. The man just can’t help it.

@blogenfreude: Lewinsky’s testimony to Starr’s inquisition included accounts of Bill refusing to give his paramour a taste of the sanctifying balm, preferring for some reason to yank on his schlong and spooge into the sink.

@FlyingChainSaw: Mercifully I’d forgotten about that …

I am not impressed. If I was slick as Willie I would hook up with Eva Angelina and Jenna Haze. Once again we see the difference between Democrats and Teapublicant’s. Slick Willie is proud of these pictures. Sean Hannity (the re-incarnation of Herb Tarlek) on the other hand tried to scrub all pictures from his Bunny Ranch visit off the internet. Of course, Sean has to pay for it. Slick has to pay guards to keep the chicks from mobbing him. I wonder if Slick has ever had women throw panties at him like Elvis?

@jwmcsame: Is Eva Angelina back after her baby? Thought she quit. (Heh.)

@JNOV: hadn’t heard or seen. i’ll keep looking though.

@jwmcsame: This was a few years ago. I think she came back saying she’d only do GOG. Didn’t pay much attention to that business after that.

Wasn’t “Mission Asspossible” nominated for a Golden Globe? I think it won the Palm D’Or as well…

Jesus Christ, his anorexic daughter got married and had the wedding photos already, can someone give the man a slice of cheese? While he didn’t look healthy scarfing down the Big Macs, he looks like a senile skeleton of himself on Chelsea’s vegan diet. Give that man some grilled chicken and a recent porn video.

@Walking Still: +1, you win for COTD. We need to have lunch one of these days. Need to figure out when Dodger is getting his ass up to EssEff/Bezerkley again. Nojo can’t be bothered to come up here, we have to go down to him. And who knows what’s going on with TommCatt. Kisses, Tommie!
/California Stinquers out

@SanFranLefty: A Stinque-up soon is definitely in order. I’m off for a long weekend with Ms. Still at the moment, but will return to true civilization by the middle of next week, and should be around for a bit.


It’s been nagging the hell out of me why the Not MSNBC Ad hasn’t been showing up on the homepage for the past day — no problem with the code, no Bad Geek notice from Google, no problem on other pages.

Except — this one.

Best guess: All that Pron Talk tripped a wire somewhere. We use the Seven Dirty Words all the time — sometimes even in headlines — but no, it’s only when you write a simple caption identifying the 42nd President of the United States and two Boobettes that some Google Hamster gets its panties in a bunch.

@SanFranLefty: I’ll be in the City of Assless Chaps next Weds. We should talk.

@jwmcsame: Per metalinjection.net (one of my regular news sources), I saw that Ms Haze is dating a member of underground metal band the Dillinger Escape Plan. Their music is very harsh, abrasive and trebley with screamed vocals. Kirk Hammett of Metallica once said that Venom (credited with inspiring Black Metal) was like hearing a shovel dragged across a concrete or asphalt driveway. DEP is kind of like that. I don’t recall ever seeing them ever. Maybe they were an afternoon side stage band at Mayhem Fest or something.

BTW, Jonathan Davis of Korn married a ex-pron chick and is still with her after several years. They have a couple of kids, age 7 and 5. Mr Davis is a Paultard and uses a mike stand designed by HR Giger (yeah, that guy). Saw them open for Metallica in 1997 when Davis wore a kilt and played the bagpipes and as a headliner at Mayhem Fest in 2010. (Rob Zombie and Lamb of God killed on that bill. You cannot follow Rob Zombie; the spectacle is so over the top.)

Twisted take on Seals and Crofts’ “Summer Breeze” by Type O Negative: “Kenny Hickey lying on the sidewalk/Devil music from the house next door/So I step on over his vomit/Through the screen and across the floor,” etc.


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