Summer Vacation!

On this, the fourth anniversary of our Descent Into Blogging Hell — actually it was yesterday, but we’re declaring it a bank holiday — we choose not to run yet another variation on our first-post Joyride image, but instead offer a montage of Every Joyride Known to Dukes, Except the Final Season, Which Isn’t Included Because the Videographer Loaned Out His DVD Set, But Don’t Let That Stop You.

And in so offering, we offer as well an Embarrassing Disclosure: We never watched that show. And because we never watched that show, we never knew that Our Iconic Dodge Charger was called the “General Lee”. Which would have been Very Clever of us, if you knew our Secret Identity as the United States Senator from Utah.

With our Inaugural Term completed, we’re taking a break from the Daily Grind. We’ll still be posting, just not on a regular schedule. And hey — hey! Not on the rope line.


Enjoy the off days.

Every time I see Haley Barbour I can’t help but think of Boss Hogg, but more incompetent.

I never saw the show either.

Anybody else get a broken linque, or are the KiplingKidz playing with my tubes connection? It would be awfully meta of our Nojo to leave us for a long break with a busted whozamajig under the hood.

Especially if he had tossed the keys to one of the new kids…

@Beggars Biscuit: Since CP is long gone, the linque is to the Internet Archive version, which may or may not be welcome at the firewall of your choice.

Also, it takes forever to load.

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