A Man, a Plan, a Goose: Canada!

Okay, fine, so it doesn’t work as a palindrome. But you’d be thrown off too if you were just minding your own business when you were viciously attacked by a Raging Honker.


Tip one: Don’t swat it like a goddamn fly.

Attacked by an OG (Offensive Goose).

FLOTUS Fashion TJ:

Shelley Oh! looks radiant in yellow, though she is blending in with the curtains behind her in the first picture.

You’re welcome, Dodger. Note that the little boy in glasses wearing the blue shirt dancing with her is gawking at her with the crush-like adoration I imagine you would if you saw her in person…

My old office was next to a pond that had many geese for a while until humans like the one in the video took measures to run them off. The pond was there before the office. I lived near a spring fed creek growing up that was damned to make a small lake around which a fairly upscale neighborhood was built. Those humans like the one in the video, bitched and moaned about the geese after buying a house next to a lake. Geese know they can never win a fight against any creature other than a smaller goose or water fowl. All you have to do is move forward toward the goose and they will back off. Better yet next encounter come prepared with a bag of stale bread and you have friend for life. I used to feed the geese at work. So much so that they would take bread from my hand and let me feed their young. A few would come peck on the glass door to my office when they were hungry. They would still fuck with the uncool humans who would not feed them and they knew not peck on the other doors for chow. That tells me they can distinguish one particular human from others. My point is geese are pretty cool.

Recently a turkey has taken up in my front yard. I see him almost every day coming home from work scratching around for bugs and such. But he is too skittish to let me get too close. If redmanlaw reads this, please advise on what i need to do to keep him around. My house backs up to acres and acres of hilly woods, so it’s not like I’m making an urbanite out of the turkey. Two years ago, there was a flock of turkeys with their young that hung out one fall.

check out this hummingbird and his human

That’s cool.

If I encountered an aggressive goose, I just hissed back and faced them. They didn’t like that. The swinging just looks pathetic.

Congrats on shoving out the neighbor. That sounded way way way way way more difficult than getting rid of my overgrown baby housemate.

@SanFranLefty:Thank you. But I still think the waistline is too high.

Hey: who is this San Diego journalist Mike Lee?

@Dodgerblue: I get him confused with ABC correspondent Mike Lee.

@Dodgerblue: And then there’s Canadian film editor Mike Lee. You might know him from such TV miniseries as Keep Your Head Up, Kid: The Don Cherry Story and Wrath of Grapes: The Don Cherry Story II.

And if you don’t, I have a sneaking suspicion that Chicago Bureau does.

@nojo: Sorry, not familiar with the ouevre.

@nojo: Check this out. This dude has my dream job, and even looks a little like I did, say, 20 years ago.

@Dodgerblue: and from the department of finally kicking ass in baseball again. did i read it right that kershaw was trash talking kirk gibson about the bean ball az and la were playing last night? it takes a bad motherfucker to trash talk gibbie. if i had something to say to him, i’d say it running away.

@jwmcsame: True. I was at the game. Their guy (Kennedy) threw one behind Kershaw, and so Kershaw jawed at Gibson and, when the chance arose, threw one over Kennedy’s head. The ump came out at that point and warned everybody. Back when I was a kid, if someone had been dumb enough to throw at Don Drysdale, Big D would have had the entire opposing lineup sucking dirt.

@Dodgerblue: “But I still think the waistline is too high.”

I’m so proud! The Stinque Fashionistas have done such a good job on you! Though we should share the credit, I think that Ms. Dodger and the Dodgerettes have also assisted in schooling you on all things fashion related.

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