On Occasion, Even Satan is Not TOTALLY Above the Law

TSA agents at LaGuardia were spotted last Friday giving the “Full Monty Patdown” (whatever the fuck that means) to notorious war criminal Henry Kissinger, as he sat in a wheelchair at security. Apparently none of the 9 buck an hour rent-a-cops recognized him or knew who he was, even after he told them who he was.



It won’t make up for the thousands murdered in Cambodia, Vietnam, or Chile, but it’s a start.

[WaPo: Henry Kissinger Gets TSA Pat-Down]

Best part:

Yeah, the guy who was once an advisor to presidents, the one who helped negotiate the end to the Vietnam War…and, oh yeah, he’s got a Nobel Peace Prize.

I know WaPo’s losing staff, but nobody there remembers Cambodia?

I was RA but never WaPo nor WooPoo, so tho I served in CONUS in 101st, USAREUR in 8th, and RVN in 25th I never bought the bullshit. Went to and later taught at VMI.
That’s perfectly clear to me. And screw Henry K. Tho I drove a Henry J last year in HS.

@RevZafod: One of my buddies played the French horn for his service to the nation in the 8th Army symphony orchestra, after which he took his GI Bill money and went to Columbia or someplace and was an OG Beatnick to the point where he scored a Ginsburg movie (Pull My Daisy) and, later, The Manchurian Candidate.

I thought about signing up as a college dropout, but my buddy who served in the Israeli army said it would have been a bad fit for me. I built trails, chased bad guys and provided legal services for the poor as my public service.

@rml: Maybe someday you and Blogenfreude and I can meet up on some happy trails near you where we can enjoy my GT-R If we get ambushed, maybe you can get us out of the pokey. We don’t talk that way near Dallas, but maybe ’round thar? I gotta drive it west sometime. Sunday is the law’s day off in Tennessee from the VA border to past Nashville, where I spent most of my time at a nice relaxed pace around 90, finding the occasional bunny willing to run out front of my Valentine One as bait. Jeez, I love bait who want to say they got in front of a GT-R.

No doubt the Bond-villain accent didn’t help, LOL!

Can’t you just picture Kissinger speaking the lines “Oh, no, Mr. Bond… I expect you to DIE!”

Dr Killinger!

I guess Henry doesn’t like unwanted incursions either. The way he cries about it makes him sound they were probing him like Cambodia.

Here’s where America’s collective short-term memory problems turn themselves back on the people who need it the most. Under-educated TSA agents don’t know who the frack this guy is because they slept/copied their way through US History class; ergo, notorious war criminal gets humiliated by bureaucrats who were put in place by people like him (e.g., Dubya) to root out imaginary terrorists. Irony is having a field day.

@Serolf Divad:

Not really – the Bond-villian schtick is WAAAAAY too hands on for evil fucks like Kissinger.

I found it interesting that he was on a flight to Canada City. I thought he had some international arrest warrants out for his ass.

@matador1015: Eggg-zactly!

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