The Tyranny of Resumé Padding

From Stinque Book Club selection The Tyranny of Clichés: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas: “Jonah Goldberg’s first book, Liberal Fascism, was a number one New York Times bestseller. A fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, he is the founding editor of National Review Online and has twice been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.” The Pulitzer part? Well, no. [MSNBC]


In what universe? Even in “Evil Spock wears a goatee” Universe, there is no possible way that Johan gets a sniff of a Pulitzer.

Well, Goldberg is accurate about the “twice” part — he has twice falsely claimed to be a Pulitzer nominee. Amazing how he completely “forgot” about doing it the first time.

I’m sure if Mittens can take credit for the auto bailout it’s no stretch to believe Goldberg has two Pulitzer nominations, not to mention a couple of Emmys, an Oscar, and the American League MVP award for 1998.

BREAKING HARD: Black Eagle finally comes out of the closet and says what we all knew was the case, he supports gheyz getting hitched and thinks it should be legal.

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