Liz Cheney Running for Office?

Does anybody except her family think this is a good idea? “Liz Cheney, former Vice President Dick Cheney’s eldest daughter, punted when asked on “Fox News Sunday” whether she’s setting the stage for a run at elected office, as POLITICO reported last week.” [Politico]


She was pretty shitty at her job, too. A Cheney tradition.

Oh, please do, Liz. It will be fun watching you buried in an avalanche of homophobic bullshit during the GOP primary. After all, the only thing the base hates more than the mooooslims is teh gays.

@Serolf Divad: Mary is the lesbian Cheney daughter, not Liz.

Liz is actually trapped, terrified and suffering, in Cheney’s horrible, rotting body while her father uncomfortably adjusts his new breasts and plots his return to the halls of power…

Romney should choose her as his VP. That way the base would know somebody on the ticket has balls.

With Dick and Lynne Cheney for parents, I’m surprised she isn’t even more poisonous than she is (and that’s pretty godawful).

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