Liberty University Welcomes Renowned Cultist as Commencement Speaker

  • “Would Jerry Sr. of had mr morman at graduation?” [Nate Johnson]
  • “I’m a native of Lynchburg and I just want to say, I cannot believe a Christian University is having governor Romney speak at your commencement. It’s hard to believe a conservative Christian School would support an obvious moderate/liberal. I knew Jerry Sr and I am sure he is turning over in his grave at the decision.” [Donna Driskill Keyser]
  • “Yes, he is not a Christian, but we also had Ron Paul and other poiticians come that were not christians as well. Commencement is not church.” [Audrey Hammond]

  • “To have a person who holds to a religion that is taught by the University to be a cult and a heretical perversion of the Gospel is a giant slap in the face. Shameful.” [Jasen Jacobsen]
  • “As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.” [Soldiers Progress]
  • “While Mormonism is a cult, Mormon are generally speaking good people with wholesome family values and are typically very patriotic. Furthermore, many of the Mormons that I have met have been a lot more morally upright than many so called evangelical Christians. To all who have been so critical of Mr. Romney; You think Obama is a better choice?! You have lost your mind if you say yes!” [Melissa Pardue-Thomas]
  • “There will be people who are not in heaven because of the efforts of Mormon missionaries.” [Nate Garrett]
  • “WOW, guess Liberty was overwhelmed with the hundreds of people against their choice of Romney to make the farewell address to the graduates this year at commencement, that they took down the announcement? THANK YOU fellow students for speaking up.” [Janet Loeffler]
  • “It’s not like they asked Obama…. that would have been bad.” [Meredith Shuler]
  • “This decision has really made me question where Liberty actually stands as it relates to Christianity. What’s next? An Athiest?” [VicTorious Fisher]
Liberty University [Facebook]

Liberty’s choice of Romney leads to angry student response [CNN]


This decision has really made me question where Liberty actually stands as it relates to Education.


What is it exactly that these morons (not Mormons) are commencing? A life of adult dumbfuckery?

Whatever you do to kiss up to this crowd, Mitt, DO NOT make the Sign of the Cross.

@ManchuCandidate: Liberty stands for inappropriate capitalizations, apparently, and supports partial-birth abortions of the English language. /end AP style fascism

@rptrcub: People who substitute of for (ha)ve drive me up the wall.

@mellbell: As in “I woulda gone iffn I coulda”? How about the song title “Musta Notta Gotta Lotta”?

@Dodgerblue: As in “I would of learned what a contraction is if I had paid any attention in school.”

@mellbell: would of, could of, and should of plays well in southwest virginia, east tennessee, and eastern kentucky. for example:
” I would of voted republican a long time ago, if i could of knowed how good that trickle down economics works round here.”

Haha! Mormons are patriotic? What about the Oath of Vengeance?

“You and each of you do covenant and promise that you will pray, and never cease to pray, Almighty God to avenge the blood of the prophets upon this nation, and that you will teach the same to your children and your children’s children unto the third and fourth generations.”

This was taken out of the temple ceremony in 1927, but:

[T]he wording of the oath that was made public still said, regarding vengeance upon the USA, that the oath swearer is to teach his children down 4 generations. This means that Mitt Romney is included in his grandfather’s oaths.

In Mormonism, descendants can be covered by their progenitors temple work. Children of Temple sealed Mormons are born “under the covenant.” If your parents were sealed in the temple prior to your birth, you are sealed to them automatically, and a ceremony sealing you to them is not necessary.

Mitt Romney is openly a Temple attending Mormon. He accepts the Temple Endowment ceremony as legitimate, as god inspired. By extension, he accepts previous versions as equally inspired.

If Romney chooses to accept only the current version of the Temple Ceremony, he ought to say that he rejects the faith of his progenitors. But when asked about his Mormonism, Romney stated: “I believe in my Mormon faith and endeavor to live by it. My faith is the faith of my fathers. I will be true to them and to my beliefs,”

Holy T

Soooooo, yeah. The US is to blame for Jos. Smith, Jr.’s deadly gunfight in prison (he fell out the window). As mayor and prophet, he ordered the destruction of the The Nauvoo Expositor’s printing press. The paper had one run in which the editors (ex-Mormons) exposed Smith’s plural marriage business and criticized him for leading a church, being mayor and appointing himself general of the town’s army or whatever. Maybe he shouldn’t have tried to bone their wives and think he could fly.

Nate Johnson would have graduated Magna Cum Laude, but Liberty doesn’t allow honorary titles written in French.

This is the Virgina Beach school? If so, my father (atheist at the time) wanted me to go there so he could visit. I wish I were kidding.

And the thing that kills me is when the Libertys, Bob Jones and Oral Roberts folks forget their cults religious institutions of higher learning are built of glass. Oh, and the Air Force Academy.

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