Name One Show on The CW, Mitt

“My guess is you’ll see a dramatic difference in the youth vote this time — part of it is you have a younger, more dynamic Republican candidate.” — Romney supporter Hank Brown, 72, touting the virtues of a 65-year-old candidate with sixteen grandchildren. [TPM]


The wildly popular Gossip Girl is about insufferable rich people, so there’s that.

@mellbell: I went with Supernatural because two of its writers are behind the “Thrilling Adventure Hour” podcast, which is a hilarious take on campy radio serials.

Er, I might have watched Gossip Girl at some point maybe.

I dig the septuagenarian take on the youth vote. Must’ve polled his great grands.

@nojo: Wut?

Oh. I used to watch America’s Top Model, er, only to see if Tyra’s newest lace front was dicked up.

Oh, and there’s some Beverly Johnson show on OWN. I saw one episode (I had to, and it was an accident). She is infuckingsane, but she looks amazing. My uncle says he used to date her. It’s on the edge of the realm of possibility, sort of.

ADD: Bev’s “house manager” steals the show.

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