Lost in Transubstantiation

Title: “Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics”

Author: Ross Douthat

Rank: 51

Blurb: “Writing for an era dominated by recession, gridlock, and fears of American decline, Douthat exposes the spiritual roots of the nation’s political and economic crises. He argues that America’s problem isn’t too much religion, as a growing chorus of atheists have argued; nor is it an intolerant secularism, as many on the Christian right believe. Rather, it’s bad religion: the slow-motion collapse of traditional faith and the rise of a variety of pseudo-Christianities that stroke our egos, indulge our follies, and encourage our worst impulses.”

Review: “Douthat has gone from Episcopal to Pentecostal to Roman Catholic so he has run the gamit of Christian faith in American. It is fascinating to read how faith has gone wrong in this book.”

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Footnote: If only we all followed a hierarchical male-dominated foreign-led boy-raping cult, America would be a lot better off.

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11:21 am • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Who or what killed more people? Stalin, Hitler, or organized religion?

Game, set, match.

12:01 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Jeebus Christ!

All one really has to do is look at the Bible Belt and how it overlaps:
1) The poor education belt
2) The poor belt
3) The obesity belt
4) The heart disease belt
5) The tends to vote against their own interests aka GOP belt
6) The against any sort of public healthcare belt
7) The Diabeetus 2 belt
8) Against science belt
9) Denial of Global Warming/Climate Change belt

I’m not saying everyone in those Belts are all of those things, but this isn’t a small sample size so it’s not that much of a coincidence that they overlap.

12:55 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

What’s the story with these uppity nuns that Herr Pope doesn’t like?

1:03 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Thing is, I would probably agree with half of what Douthat has to say in that book. Ever been to a church that preaches the “prosperity Gospel?” Holy fuck, it’s the most depressing thing you’ve ever witnessed. It resembles a multi-level-marketing seminar more than a spiritual journey. And that crap is spreading around the country like a fungus in a cool, damp bathroom. On the other hand, these churches probably evangelize for what is America’s One True Religion: selfish, avaricous, hyper-pious, fuck-thy-neighbor then fuck his wife, God bless the market Hallelujah fundamentalism.

1:12 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@Serolf Divad: People always vote for the gods they want. Started with the Greeks.

1:15 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@Serolf Divad:
Was it a Korean church? I know prosperity gospel is huge in Korea (prosperity shamanism originally) and it carried over to immigrants to North America. It’s something I avoid like the plague.

1:28 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@nojo: How on Earth do you find these? Are you raiding my mother’s bookcase?

2:04 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@I’m passing for white: Amazon Top 100, as always. It’s not like I work at it.

2:23 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012


No, it was an evangelical church of some sort. My wife’s attends a Korean church, which gives me an excuse not to attend church (since the service is in Korean). But every so often she tires of the bickering and infighting in her church and goes out in search of another church to attend (and drags me along with her) and this was one of those occasions.

2:27 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@Serolf Divad:
Ah, I see.

2:31 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

My childhood Groovy Lutheran Church is now a gay-friendly Groovy Lutheran Church. Our God is a Hip God.

4:18 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Wasn’t it a Lutheran church that fired the woman with narcolepsy and subsequently backed by the Supremes?

5:00 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: There are Groovy Lutheran Churches, and Wingnut Lutheran Churches.

I’m not sure when the schism happened, or whether it was just a recent political evolution from earlier divisions. My church was Missouri Synod growing up, and then that merged with other groovy synods during the Eighties to create a Super Groovy Synod. The Lutherans who make the news are from the Dark Side.

5:26 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@nojo: There have been right-wing takeovers of certain parts of certain churches. My own Methodist church had seen the eastern conference taken over by righties who weren’t even Methodist to begin with.

5:41 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@nojo: And there are Evangelical Lutheran churches. Not so groovy. Ours was African American, so it was a little more like a mix of Anglican and Baptist. I was never confirmed, so, yeah.

@Tommmcatt Wears A Hoodie Daily: Every time we pass a Methodist church, my kid says the Methodist flaming cross symbol reminds him of the KKK. I keep telling him I don’t think it’s the same thing.

5:49 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@I’m passing for white: Yeah, the Evangelical Lutherans are the wingnuts. I don’t follow it closely, but I felt compelled to track it all down a month or two back. Couldn’t figure out why there were Groovy Lutherans who weren’t so groovy.

6:01 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@nojo: As far as Af-Am churches are concerned, they were started because we couldn’t attend white churches. I have relatives who are Black Episcopalian, but the service and sermon seem to be pretty much the same as the white counterpart. I only go for funerals now, so I could be wrong.

Black churches in the 70s and 80s were more about social justice, hope and inclusion that stemmed from a long history of exclusion and racism. Something happened in the 90s, and things took a dramatic turn to the right. I’m really not sure what it was. All I miss is black Baptist music.

The Presbyterians at 10th Presby were cool until they had C. Everett Koop come talk some crazy shit when I was 13 or so. The youth group took me skiing for the first time. I stayed up all night playing Risk, both for the first time, but listening to Koop turned me off, even from the cool traditional music and free ski trips.

ADD: I still like Risk and totally suck. Last time I played, I knocked all the pieces off the board in frustration.

I. Hate. To. Lose.

7:46 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

TJ/ WFT#8352; Word spellcheck crapped out on me. It doesn’t matter which version I use–it’s not working. I CAN’T SPELL!!! Argh.

ADD: Fucking ‽

ADDD: What’s this German shit? I’m certain “wudder” isn’t German. Or is it…

ADDDD: Google is a beautiful thing

8:53 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@I’m passing for white: That’s the fire of the Holy Spirit! Totally different.

9:18 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@ passing
Babelfish translates “wudder” German-to-English as “more wudder”. Hope this helps.

9:25 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@ passing
Ooh, more! Urbandictionary.com contributes:
Wudder is what people from Philadelphia drink, swim in, wash dishes with and cleanse themselves with. Wudder is a word unique to Philadelphia and can only be used by those with roots in Philadelphia.
On a hot day, nothing beats an ice cold glass of wudder !

9:57 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@RevZafod: It’s the Wudder.

This reference brought to you by the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest: Come for the rain — stay for the overcast!

10:00 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Oooooooh, a Horny Episode Alert!

10:08 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Beans. The Beautiful Food.

10:12 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Peggy is gifted and kind of kinky.

10:18 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Bornnnnnn Freeeeeeee!!!

10:23 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Note to Roger: Lasts about 29 years.

10:25 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Magical mystery tour!

10:32 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

I have never hallucinated. Huge disappointment.

And hey, Laurie Anderson’s selling out!

10:40 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

HoJo. Teal and orange memories.

10:44 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

God, that orange sherbet would be great if I was tripping.

10:46 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

I have never laughed so hard at a boner-pill commercial.

10:53 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Seriously, there’s only 3 maybe HoJos left in US America. How did they get all that?

10:53 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Final scene: Travolta steps out of a bathroom and gets shot.

10:55 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@ManchuCandidate: HoJo’s never made it West, that I know of. And a midrange motel would have been squeezed out of the market like midrange department stores.

10:55 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Zed steps out with a ball gag?

10:57 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

Siri, how do you pronounce “Zooey”?

11:48 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

As my TiVo decided to record the wrong channel AGAIN, and as Project Free TV does NOT have the new ep ripped streaming yet, I will skip the spoilers and address the wudder issue. And the flaming cross.

@Tommmcatt Wears A Hoodie Daily: What came first: the flaming cross or the klan?

@RevZafod: Haha! Thanks, Rev. I believe “wudder” can be heard from DE to NYC, and from NJ to Philly. Wudder runs outta da fawwsit when youse turn da spig-ut. I think they call it “pop” in Pitt.

@nojo: When I came back from The West, I had trained myself to say, “wah-Tur.” My mother said, “Wah-Tur? Who do you think you are?”

11:53 pm • Sunday • April 22, 2012

@I’m passing for white: On the other hand, I’ve never understood the Northwest preference for “warsh”, as in “warsh your hands”. I think it’s just an affectation to prove we have an accent.

12:52 am • Monday • April 23, 2012

@nojo: Oh, you’re not alone with warsh. My father says it.

12:52 am • Monday • April 23, 2012

Okay–ep started great and then was very dumb.

8:41 am • Monday • April 23, 2012

@nojo: Really?? You didn’t, as they say, do it right.

19 mins in, and just the sight of a sugar cube has set my teeth on their metallic edge.

12:53 pm • Monday • April 23, 2012

@But what do you expect from a commenter called “promnightdumpsterbaby”?: Oh, I did it very right. Three or four times. Intense clarity and self-awareness. But no hallucinations. They promised me hallucinations.

5:14 pm • Monday • April 23, 2012

@nojo: I remember seeing seagulls running alongside the car with side 2 of Zepellin IV in the tape deck. Plausible, except we were doing 60 mph in the dark.

Oh and I also drank tequila with Tim Leary. Short version: asshole. In 82, his “favorite band” was Quarterflash. He refused to let me interview him on the radio, so my buddy interviewed me about Drinking With Dr Leary.

5:16 pm • Monday • April 23, 2012

@I’m passing for white: I stopped paying attention to Project Free TV because episodes were being torn down faster than they were going up for Downton Abbey. I’ve been catching up on the last seven years of Dr. Who on Netflix while I await the second season of Downton Abbey becoming available through Netflix streaming.

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