We Stopped Reading Gawker Before It Was Cool to Stop Reading Gawker

Apparently Gawker is changing its commenting system. Again. We know this, not because we read Gawker — it’s been a few years — but because the news reached some distant source that we follow these days.

So we dropped in to sample the anguished cries of the herd. Nothing worth compiling a list from, but the usual bewailing of Denton selling out because Gawker no longer publishes the linkbait that originally drew the reader to the site, and now publishes lesser-quality linkbait. None of which we recognized, because we were drawn to the high-quality linkbait that Gawker dumped in order to publish the utter crap that attracted its current readership.

And we had a star, muthafuckaz. Back when it meant something.

As it happens, Gawker’s current editor is A.J. Daulerio, whom we remember at Oddjack wayyyyy back in the Golden Age. (Deadspin wasn’t even a drip on Fleshbot’s cock at the time.) And as the soon-to-be Ex-Commenters tell it, his Crime Against Propriety is…

Cat videos.

We know from Cat Videos. We don’t go looking for them, but they find us. They especially find us on slow news days, when we don’t feel like pretending that Ted Nugent threatened to assassinate the Preznident and it takes a wild stretch of imagination to pretend that Ted Nugent threatened to assassinate the Preznident and you have to be a fucking hack to claim that Ted Nugent threatened to assassinate the Preznident and even if Ted Nugent did threaten to assassinate the Preznident he’s Ted Fucking Nugent for chrissake and you really need to get out more often if that shocks you.

Like today.

So, A.J., fuck your readers. Here’s a free cat video, if you haven’t run it already. Just remember, we’re running it because the news is boring and we don’t get paid for this shit. We have no idea what your excuse is.

[via Reddit Know Your Meme]

I had my Facebook account compromised because of fucking Gawker’s password breach. Then there was the issue of their braindead site re-design a couple of years ago.

It’s like they’re trying to drive of readers.

I honestly don’t know what they fuck they’re thinking over there. The comments and the commenters are what kept me there despite everything.

I liked Gawker because you had to audition to get in so it was troll and dipshit free (for the most part.)

I like io9 despite getting crossover from some dipshits at Kokatu and the odd humor crippled Sheldon Cooper type, it’s not a bad SF blog. Until Denton fucks with that, I’ll hang around there.

@ManchuCandidate: The audition was the best part. I still read Deadspin, and occasionally check in with Fleshbot for, you know, the articles.

I enjoyed the link back to early 2009 Stinque. I hadn’t made it over here yet, until I followed the breadcrumbs left by Serolf, so the enthusiastic chatter with Monk, Shortsshorts, Prommie (whither goest?) and Hose Manikin nearly brought a tear to my eye.

As fellow Oddjack reader, imagine my disappointment when I finally met AJ and found out he didn’t even know how to play poker.

@TSWSarah: Starter Wife! Finally roped you in! Giant Grazer Head Forever!

The day that Jamie Sommers was banished by the Jezzies for a fucking funny comment was the day that Denton’s brand was dead to me.

@peggynooner: Prommie wanders through the sandbox these days. He’s still cooking and boating. Stick around and he might come through here.

@TSWSarah: Holy shit – don’t be a stranger!

@Serolf Divad: @ManchuCandidate: It makes me laugh now to think that I actually *sweated* my fucking audition on Wonkette/Gawker back in late 2006. (Holy Fuck, has it really been that long?)

@SanFranLefty: Srsly? They had auditions to be able to comment?

And Benedick? Thank you for this: ” that über hack Agatha Christie.”

@nojo: I can always count on you to go in the Way-Back Machine and come home before I can even find the keys or figure out how to hot-wire the jalopy.

Damn, I love you kids. Squishy bewbie hugs all around.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Yes, this was waaaaaaaay back in the day. You have no idea how many hours it took me to arrive upon my Nancy avatar/nickname. Then, I had to do three comments with five or more thumbs up before I was official. Getting a star was a fucking bitch.

Oh, and I told Anonymous Lobbyist that the best thing she could ever do if she ever wanted to work in DC again was to stay anonymous. What the hell do I know.

Holy fuck, nojo, that thread might deserve a permalink, between your perfect explanation of this freakshow site, and Benedick using the phrase “like being trapped inside the TV Guide crossword puzzle” to describe an uber hack Agatha Christie play.

What a trip through memory lane. Is this our annual recitation of our origin myth?

@SanFranLefty: Ewalda’s BD popped on FB the other day.

I, too, spent some time (3-5 mins) crafting a screen name to convey a multitude of concepts at once. I once realized that good writing uses words that carry connotations that resonate with the reader, so you can use that to say more. Prom’s original screen name was just horrifying.

@peggynooner: We can pass your regards on to Prom.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Yes, seriously. There is no further explanation needed for how I ended up with “Nabisco”. All of my finely crafted screen names were wasted on comments that apparently never took.

As for this latest turn on Gawker, I rather enjoyed Layne’s brief back and forth with the commenters. He comes off as a mostly stable Olbermann.

I snuck in before commenter auditions. Emailed something clever to Lisanti at Defamer. He responded with an invite, which was the only way in at the time. Suddenly I was inside the rope.

And for the next two weeks I was scared shitless that I’d say something stupid and get kicked out.

Seth gave me the star. I think. They suddenly showed up one day, and I made a Sneetches gag that killed.

Meanwhile, the Corgi Vacuum has passed 3K views. Never doubt the awesome power of critter videos. Especially those that hit a groove at StumbleUpon.

@nojo: I saw what you did there in the left side column. Nice.

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