Allen West Finally Says Something Stupid Enough to Merit Our Attention

“West said Obama was ‘scared’ to have a discussion with him. He later said ‘he’s heard’ up to 80 U.S. House Democrats are Communist Party members, but wouldn’t name names.” [Palm Beach Post]


I’ve heard that Allen West would fuck a goat to get his name in the newspapers.

Now he’s saying it was the House Progressive Caucus.

Makes me long for the unintentionally comedic stylings of Michael Steele and the quaint ravings of Alan Keyes.

@Dodgerblue: I was enjoying reading that Judge Kozinski upheld our right to access Stinque on work computers. (At least the Stinquers who live in the 9th Circuit).
Since he’s had his own personal items-on-work computers issues, I guess he understands:

“Employees who call family members from their work phones will become criminals if they send an email instead,” Kozinski wrote. “Employees can sneak in the sports section of the New York Times to read at work, but they’d better not visit And sudoku enthusiasts should stick to the printed puzzles, because visiting from their work computers might give them more than enough time to hone their sudoku skills behind bars.”

The government’s interpretations of the law would also make criminals of people who violate Internet use policies by, for example, publishing misleading information on dating websites, Kozinski said. Calling yourself “tall, dark and handsome” when you are really short and homely “will earn you a handsome orange jumpsuit,” Kozinski wrote.

Naturally, this puts the 9th Circuit in conflict with three other circuits, so expect SCOTUS to rule for the corporations and bench-slap the 9th.

Is West srsly quoting The Manchurian Candidate ?

It amazes me that people around him and the likes of Chuck Grassley don’t go hoarse from screaming at them about what asshole-idiots they are.

I called West’s office this morning to let them know I had “heard” that West had relocated to Florida because he likes to touch little boys in their “private” places. They seemed very concerned about precisely where I had “heard” this rumor.

@Dodgerblue: I can’t claim credit for “bench-slap,” first time I saw it used was by David Lat in Above the Law. Can apply to a judge slapping down a lower court judge, or more often, an idiot attorney.

Often used to describe the relationship between SCOTUS and the 9th Circuit. Used a while back to describe what the district court judge in DC did in slamming the AUSAs in the Ted Stevens case.

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