It Never Gets Old

Farewell, Frothy Mix! When I saw the picture of Santorum pulling out yesterday, I was struck with deja vu by the positioning and owl-like expression of his son:

He’s all grown up! Why, here he was back in 2006, the last time Frothy Mix pulled out:

At least this time, they’re not forcing the kid into a sweater vest. It’s Daddy’s turn.


Rmoney (R$) wins the last man standing teapublican’t reality show sponsored by Planters Mixed Nuts. His grand prize? 3 debate drubbings by Barry O’bama with R$ having to refute logic and facts with the same shit frothy and swingrich slung at him in a sad, pitiful, and vain attempt to get the right wing nut jobs to show up and vote instead of digging their bunkers even deeper. How sad for R$. meanwhile, frothy and santorum hit the birther and prepper circuit for big cash and join palin on the fox noise and unintentional comedy channel.

on a serious note, none other than rick warren pointed out that mormons don’t believe in the holy trinity. how’s that gonna play in the south and the catholic church for R$? I’ll bet O’bama doesn’t even bring it up though. If a mormon was running against a teapublican’t, the rovian campaign managers would make it the number one issue. No wonder fox noise hasn’t even whispered this fact.

Just curious why is everyone but Ricky Poo so pale?

@ManchuCandidate: Because they’re either being home-skooled or doing the home-skooling, and they’re not allowed to go outside without daddy’s permission (sons) or without wearing a veil (wife and daughters/chattel)?

Ah, there’s Lil’ Santorum aka Serial Killah Eyes, all grown up and ready for the killin’ spree that no one will see coming.

What denomination is Rick Warren? Seems unlikely that it’s one that believes in the holy trinity their own damn selves. Jeez, lookit what happens when illiterate self-styled “Christians” wrassle with similar cattle.

@jwmcsame: Also, they believe that Christ is Lucifer’s spirit-brother. That won’t even play in Peoria.

@¡Andrew!: “It puts the lotion on its skin, yes it does, Precious…”

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