Ruins of Detroit

These photos are just heartbreaking:


Worse than a war zone. A place that has been orphaned, ravaged, and abandoned.

This series came out about 2006, I believe. I hate to imagine how much more derelict these buildings are now.

In so many of the pictures, it seems as the buildings were vacated on short notice–books, equipment and furnishings just left behind.

Both Time Magazine and the NYT have written articles on the reasons behind the Fall of Detroit.

My God almighty! What magnificent photos!!!! I had no motherfucking idea. I live in the lib/eleets/east coast bubble. Stunning. Absofuckinglutely stunning.

My name is Ozymandias indeed.

I am totally gobsmacked. And that doesn’t happen often. Many thanks. You taught me something.

@matador1015: Don’t they? It’s like that terrible Limey movie 28 Days.

@Benedick: It’s like that terrible Limey movie 28 Days.

Hey, hey, hey. Back off.

@nojo: It’s ridiculous. Are we infectious or not? If we’re not, why not? If we are do we really need to drop blood in people’s eyes? Probably not. And why 28 days? Why not 41? Or 3? Or 476? Let us not allow zhvong! editing to distract us from WTF is going on.

Two things struck me: 1) I would like to see some of these done in a a nice pan-chromatic film. I think that they would be stunning. 2) I knew the last two plasterers in Delaware capable of the ornate cornice and crown work you see here. It is not likely to ever be done again unless slavery were to be re-instituted. The cost would be too great even for the wealthiest people to justify. Restoring and preserving the work that already exists is quite expensive. It is sad to see the passing of such great artisanship.

@DElurker: Preach it, bro. As one who lives in a world of artisinal skills being rapidly priced out of reach I can appreciate the lovely work done by plasterers past.

Cleveland has a three theatre complex that opened in ’29: vaudeville, opera, play: sharing one vast, ornate lobby. Market crashed. What the hell do we put in the theatres?

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