I Think We’re All Haters on This Bus

Title: “Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama’s Dream of the Socialist States of America”

Author: Michael Savage

Rank: 15

Blurb: “Will President Obama transform the greatest engine of freedom the world has ever known into a Stalin-like dictatorship? Or can the American people expose and rid themselves of this regime?”

Review: “It’s already almost too late but if we all work hard, fast and together we can unseat the arrogant, ignorant naked Marxist Obama. And please: no ‘hater’ comments from you lefties.”

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Footnote: Mitt Romney was close: Wingnut America is an Opportunist Society.

Trickle Down Tyranny [Amazon]

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Yeah Wiener. Socialism is for the 1%ers only.

It’s obvious no one who “reads” Wiener will read anything but RW “tink” tank remaindered drive and yet think they’re well read.

The US America government has always been a helping hand in creating wealth in US America. From the tariffs on foreign made goods to protect NE merchants and shipping companies post revolution to the legalized stealing of English designs and patents(!) during the industrial revolution to the railway subsidies to oil exploration subsidies to the military subsidies for HW/SW during the 70s that helped drive the computer revolution.

And please: no ‘hater’ comments from you lefties.”
– wimp

No “hater” comments? Howsabout “traitorous assclown”, then?

What I love about the “hater” line is that it immediately follows an unhinged character assassination.

Typical bully thinking. It’s okay for them to take a shot, but it’s unfair if they get one back in return.

I have no idea how they get so much mileage out of this “Socialist” thing. Shit. I’m a Socialist, and I’m pretty pissed Obama isn’t.

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