Obama. Barack Obama.

We usually ignore political ads — unless they’re really, really silly — but this entry, from Karl Rove’s Billionaire Boys Club, caught our attention. It’s supposed to frighten us that The Preznident of These United States is selling us out to the Russkies. But every time we watch it, he comes off looking fucking cool. Might be the tux. Or the counterproductive insistence that Barack Obama is really 007.


Truly fucking cool.

When did Karl get tone deaf? Everyone in his targeted audience thinks s/he has a license to kill. Maybe he’s looking for the envy vote.

No one has stomped The Bill of Rights and ratcheted up crap illegal surveillance and worldwide violence in the name of “national security” like Obama.

I get that no one wants to relax any nonsense/unconstitutional/unethical rules or policies in case they are at the helm when another disaster strikes, but all this ratcheting does not make us safer, it robs us of incredibly important rights, and it creates a culture of fear.

Maybe the thing the ad does get right is that we are engaged in another cold war. What they miss is that the enemy does not exist outside of the United States. I won’t say that this administration is The Enemy, and I’m not sure that there even is one.

Maybe I’m thinking it but can’t bring myself to say it, or I do my best to ignore it.


Re: blurb. Wonder if people played the numbers from Lost.

Mom: Should we buy a Megamillions ticket?

Me: No.

ADD: http://www.someecards.com/usercards/viewcard/MjAxMi02ZDc1NWIwOThkZTBiMmQw

Double Oh Soul vs Mr Kidd… if Mr Kidd were a Nixonian leftover bungler.

@Lost in the Negative Space: Over-the-top anguished WaPo headline yesterday:

Mega Millions: Why I threw away common sense and bought a ticket

Oh, please. One fucking dollar. Half my morning coffee. And I got at least two dollars of entertainment out of it.

Jeebus. It’s half a billion dollars (minus taxes and shit but still.)

One in 175 million is still better than 0%.

In Canada City, our prizes are tax free, but no where near the 1/2 billion dollar mega jackpots. On the other hand what is the same is that most people will piss it away. 75-80% will end up in worse shape after winning the jackpot as people lose their minds or think that “luck” will protect them from being stupid (and we’re talking people who you’d think would be smart with their money.) I don’t know how people would handle it (most poorly.) I only know one lottery winner and would follow his example as he’s still rich.

@ManchuCandidate: Silent Creative Partner and I were joking about the character-changing aspects of winning a half-billion, and I realized the first thing I would do is fulfill my current commitments.

Well, the second thing. After shitting my pants.

I think we can agree that the truthiest bit in the video (other than that Black Eagle looks fiiine in a tux) is the very end, where we see that Rove’s logo is identical to Supreme Evil First of America bank.

And now. Here’s a little threadjack for our friend Benedick: Rep. Turquoise Belt has been caught with his…hand in the till (not the body part we thought would lead him astray, alas). However, it is amusing that one of his errant purchases was fitness DVDs to keep his abs rock hard for “health care” purposes:

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